I Had To Quit My Job...To Do Youtube!

As many of you know, I have been running a gaming (mostly NMS) Youtube channel since before the first Waking Titan. I recently got really burnt out from my normal job, and decided to quit and take this time to concentrate on Youtube and try to make it a career. Check out this video where I tell all about it and support me in whatever way you are willing/able.


I completely understand being burnt out from your job and needing to take a rest to re-examine your future plans. Been there myself a couple of years ago.

I’m not sure if launching full-tilt into the stressful and unpredictable live of a youtube content creator is the right step, though…


Good luck @MacForADay ! I worked as a tutor and teacher’s aid for a few years. I agree, High Schoolers are tough to deal with. Elementary was my favorite but Middle School was where I was able to do the most good.
My sister-in-law works with the deaf and they also gave her the serious autistic spectrum kids…very tough.
And yippeee for meds! Hope you improve and succeed!
(Hooray! Base Showcases!)
(I applauded you on YT. Convienient feature!)


As I posted for the video, I am very excited for your decision. I will absolutely enjoy the extra videos.


Good luck to you. I don’t think I would be brave enough to pin my future on YouTube. I hope it all works out, and you get lots of viewers, and make loads of cash.


Good luck comrade! Ive been following your channel since the start, definitely love the content! The Origins leak and other news updates are awesome, and I do love your quick and brief breakdown of news. Do keep it up!


:grinning: You are my hero Mac! (Mac saved me once from a deserted island) Stay wholesome.
You got this!