IK its April Fool's Day but it's also Easter Sunday & we are ressurecting the PS4 & Atlas Pass Giveaways!

NO MAN'S SKY NEXT: HOW TO GIVEAWAY 3 COPIES OF NMS & A FREE ATLAS V4 PASS! - YouTube / Hey everyone! So thankfully after the GDC 2018 Hello Games announced the No Man’s Sky NEXT update coming in Summer 2018. I was some what correct in the sense that the update was coming out around the time of the Game Developer’s Conference - it’s just we got epic update news instead, which is great! Out of hype for the update and all I’ve bought 3 MORE copies of No Man’s Sky to give away on my channel. We’ve given away 3 copies before for the Atlas Rises update and now we are giving away more! Also, I am giving away an Atlas V4 Pass for anyone who missed out and is interested in trying to win one!

It is great that NMS is coming to Xbox One and all, but we still have to give away some type of games! So thanks a lot for reading guys and I hope you all enjoy the hype train!

And thanks a lot DevilinPixy for subscribing to my paaaaage!!! <3!!!