Giving Away 3 Copies of No Man's Sky on PlayStation 4 & 1 Atlas v4 Pass for the NEXT update! Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a shopping vlog of buying 3 copies of No Man’s Sky on Amazon for the cheap for my YouTube subscribers. In this video, however, I do an “unbagging” (unboxing) of 3 different shipments all containing the same game - No Man’s Sky. I am doing this giveaway so more people who haven’t played this game but hear about it and wanted to try it out can try to win themselves (or someone they love) a free copy of this game.

No man’s sky is awesome and its CHEAP AF for now, but after its re-launch onto to XBOX I feel like core aspects may change and we may not even have the “vanilla” version available for long. Anywho, if you would like to win please like and share this video :slight_smile: thanks for watching!

And it IS the same thumbnail as my last vide but its a completely different video… I’m just a youtuber who reuses thumbnails :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree. This was an excellent time to purchase the extra game copies for the giveaway.

I have a feeling that the used copies on shelves now will disappear or go up in price come NEXT.

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Yea man! Thanks for checki g out my video and leavibg a comment! This is the second giveaway ive done of ps4 copies of NMS… the thing is after atlas rises theyre all minimum $20 …
After pathfinder i bought my copy for $15 flat lol. So its getting more expensive but its still cheap!