If we had this cool thing called "Flyboard" as an option... I would explode

Here is a 360 video of something I want in game.

Look at their channel and witness the future.

Also, would this solve any render issues, since we only need to see the character model while flying around? I’m no programmer so… I can only guess.


I seen this once some time ago. The pilot was using it over a lake in front of spectators. I think it only lasts about 10-15 minutes or something. However, I think its amazing. And, yes. That would be an amazing alternative to a jetpack that I would absolutely love. Maybe in a future update, hopefully.

I’m not sure what “issues” you’re talking about. It would reduce the amount of necessary animations if you cut the ability to walk out of the game entirely, that is true, but it would also be somewhat silly.
I’d rather they just diversify the abilities of the exocraft a bit more. Give the Nomad limited gliding capability, make the Roamer fully amphibious so it could act as an actual submarine, and make the Colossus useful by giving it the ability to mine stuff it’s driving over. Something like that.


I think this would be killer in Multi-Player. Maybe have the jet pack as the universal flying tool, then make the flyboard a little bit more challenging to use to where it’ll only repel on certain planets that has an abundance of copper. Or, where you can only use it over water.

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I’m getting Terraria flashbacks.

Hoverboard anybody?

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