I looked up what an ARG was

So I saw some of you talking about ARGs. And made me wonder what they were. So I decided to look it up. I found this video it looks like a cool idea. I might try one of these sometime.


Thanks for the video, but I think you are already playing an ARG ;D
Waking titan meets every criteria of an ARG

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I love watching Extra Credits, some of the videos on past ARGs are also interesting to watch as well.

Loved this clip. Really gets the vibe and love going. Makes me think though, at a certain moment a company must go to far with this.

Wow, they look like fun, I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open to see if I can find one.


Look at that I found one already…


Here is another great story about ARGs from Atlas Obscura site.


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I read this! I’m pretty excited about what this could mean for ARGs, but it’s also a little terrifying xD