How to "@" people's screen names

If you’re new to this board - or even if you’ve been here for a while, but no-one’s explained it to you.

You will often see people’s names quoted in posts with an “@” symbol in front of them. It means that the poster has chosen that the person named will be notified when the post is made. On this board, you get brownie points for doing it.

But nowhere in the instructions does it tell you how to do it. The board uses all manner of complex BBcode and HTML instructions, but nowhere does it tell you how to put “@” in front of someone’s screen name.

And it’s ridiculously simple. It doesn’t require any codes, or brackets, or parentheses, or special formatting.

All you need to do is type “@”, and then the user’s screen name - all in one string. So my screen name is Polyphemus. I can notify myself by typing @Polyphemus - and it gets automatically highlighted. The screen name owner gets notified. You get the brownie points.

This was probably obvious to a lot of people - but it took me ages to understand it. I hope this explanation helps someone like me…


Thanks @Polyphemus … This is great information! :smile:


Hey, it worked! How about @Matador


Worked for me too @Polyphemus


Took me ages to figure this out @Polyphemus. You can also just type@ and a list comes up and you can choose the name you are looking for like @Matador. I should mention I am using a Samsung tablet, don’t know if that makes a difference. :blush:


@sheralmyst, it works on pc, it list the people in the thread


Now to get it to list the amount of brownies available :frowning:


Some help here:

It seems Alice and Smith went with the line of least resistance, and just copied most of the defaults. Then, when HG took over the site, they went for even less resistance, and just changed the names. If you look at the legalese section, you can still find a little Easter Egg from 2012.

(edit) updated link

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Thank you @Polyphemus. Helps a great deal. Dave