How to make a --Strikethrough-- in the editor here?


I’ve been trying many ways to do this. I even did it once iirc. Can anyone supply the missing code so I can correct my blunders and still make it coherent? :roll_eyes:


Place two “tilde” (~) before and after the text. strikethrough


There’s an edit icon under your post.

Click on edit, and the post will open in the editor. Change what you want to, then save it. Done.

There is a time limit, but I think it’s something like 3 months.


Alternatively you can use either HTML or BBcode:


  • <s>Test</s>
  • <strike>Test</strike>


  • [s]Test[/s]

Using the HTML <del> tags also results in a strikethrough, although intended for a slightly different purpose. It represents ‘deletion’ in comparison to ‘edit’, which is shown with the additional red background colour.

  • <del>Test</del>
    The opposite of deletion would be insertion, using the <ins>tags, resulting in underline with a green background colour:
  • <ins>Test</ins>


@Xion4012 and @DevilinPixy

Thank you both very much! :heart: I have bookmarked this thread (because bad memory!) and also copied the contents to a text file.

Thank you for responding.
What I was looking for was a way to show (in the editor window) that what I had said earlier was not accurate and add an addendum that corrected the statement. Rather than deleting the previous statement.
–A kind of “I stand corrected”. Therefore the need to be able to strikethrough the no longer valid text. :wink:


@TravelEcho: I added your topic to the category ‘Knowledge Center’, as it is useful information for others to find.