How to get back in your Freighter?

It can happen to anyone, where all of a sudden you find yourself outside and on top of your freighter base. No friends around to rescue you and you really don’t want to die or reload a save. Do not worry, as long as you have the resources to build your way back inside, there is a solution.

The Fleet Command Room has a doorway on one end, but you’ll have to place it somewhere to be able to get inside. Materials needed are 120 Silver, 40 Gold, and 10 Tritium. It requires to be attached however, so find a good spot for this first and make sure to use the Build Camera. If need be, use Freighter Stairs to attach the Fleet Command Room higher up. You will still not be able to get back in just yet, until you remove the part that is attached to it (room, corridor, or stairs). Now you can get inside the Fleet Command Room, to then build back the part you removed prior. This will then be your way back inside the freighter :wink:

Outside and on top the Freighter, yay :frowning:

Attached Freighter Stairs and Fleet Command Room to the side.

Removed the Freighter Stairs to reveal the doorway.

Got inside the Fleet Command Room.

Re-attached the Freighter Stairs again.

Back to safety inside the freighter!

If you are lucky and tell this trick to someone in dire need of freighter rescue, you may get rewarded just like I did :slight_smile:

A Multi-Tool named after me :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed the sun is still shining through into our Freighters. If HG would weld those gaps shut then maybe we would’t get sucked into the vacuum of space. :smile:
Nice save!


This has happened to me alot! Thanks Dev, this will help. Even if I am on iteration XX (very high double digits) , with more to burn.

I could not imagine the anxiety of this happening in permadeath, mostly because I cant play is Survival, let alone Permadeath.


Hasn’t happened to me in a while but it makes you realise how big those ships really are. I used to skydive to a planet when in orbit. Takes ages to reach the edge of the ship, and ages to reach the planet surface.


I always wanted an observation deck on my freighter. A place to hang out and groove on the stars/skybox. I wonder if you trick will work for that, too?


Well, you could reverse the situation to get outside, but the main freighter parts are a bit awkward when viewed from the outside, as this is not supposed to happen of course. Some parts of the freighter itself are also ‘unloaded’ as you enter the freighter base.

You might be able to get creative with some other parts, but Freighter bases are quite limited for that matter. Considering the Fleet Command Room only has one doorway and doesn’t open up on any of the other sides, you’d also have to connect/remove each and every time you wish to go out for a ‘space walk’.

Of course there are tools and mods you could use on PC to allow a whole lot more, but with the vanilla game, a proper observation desk is likely out of the question with a risk of falling off.


I was thinking more along the lines of adding a circular room with the newest glass windows up on top of the freighter somewhere. In the past I though a dome would be nice --until they added that ugly mechanical harvester.

It has always struck me as interesting that when placing the big container “rooms” in the freighter (0-9) You can actually see the outside before you actually place them.