Home base restoration doesn't work

Someday Ill remember to include that info… On PC

Anyone on console who has had the issue gotten this to work since this mornings update ? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I land on a planet and scan as recommended but nothing happens. Do I scan from my ship when it lands or do I scan from on foot?

Could it be because I am on a planet that has a base I built plus base two other people built? Should I go to New planet or try different system or am I missing something?

Before the latest patch dropped I was getting SUITABLE BASE LOCATION FOUND but no marker to follow. Hope they fixed this.

It definitely has fixed this as I had same issue and I could here the sound effect of it flicking rapidly and endlesslg through possible locations but no markers showing up.

That soumd is no longer happening but now nothinf is. It might be the system I’m in and the amount of bases my friends built not knowing what they were doing. One friend has several base computers in close proximity he can’t delete but they made a radius so we have to go very far from him to build our own, overall there’s probably twelve base computers on that planet so that could be messing the scan up for me.

Will investigate and report back

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I unselected base restoration as current quest, left the planet, returned, reselected as active quest and scanned again and the marker showed up then. On PC


It would be even better if we could a) play without our saves becoming corrupted every few days and b) if existing saves had access to the blueprint analyzer and the higher tier refineries to be able to have assess to all the new base building parts.

But with my saves becoming corrupted again in 1.51 I’m done…I could revert back to a save with six hours less of gameplay and go at it again but at this point I’m done. If Hello Games don’t fix this save I am seriously considering on giving up on the game permanently…because I’m not dealing with constantly having to lose hours of gameplay and progress I put a lot of effort into.


I’ll never give up but I hear and understand your pain :slight_smile: Here’s hoping HG are wrestling this problem. Planet naming and planet reset too. :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear you are having the base issues DarthTrethon. I had no clue what the blueprint analyzer is for, and I sure hope I can figure out where new base building parts are. That would be exciting.
I’ve had a few bugs with the base computer, and I’m doing baby steps with all the new changes. Hang in there DarthTrethon. The game is way too great to give up.


There are a tonne of new base parts legacy saves can’t learn because we don’t have the analyser we’re supposed to have.

All that underground tech you find is for that analyser and it really opens up an expands base building to new levels. There’s individual components to tailor make any building shape you want and they come in a variety of wood, concrete and metal.

Still waiting for this to be fixed as it’s a huge addition to the game we’re currently walled off from.

@DarthTrethon I’d recommend starting a new save in the meantime, having a lot of fun with mine, your old save will be there and waiting for a time when you know the current build is steadier and they’ve really improved the early game and making money, getting upgrades etc. I know in the past you’ve explained your reasons why you’d never start a new game or that you don’t see the point but right now it’s better than not enjoying your current game. You could even go to your current system in a new save and start the building process there, that way when yr main save has all the bugs ironed out you’ll have something established and in place.

That’s what I’m currently doing anyway. Used a friend to jump all my saves to etarc hub and now just building with my new save.

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Absolutely not happening…EVER…the moment I give up on my 800+ hour save(in reality 1000+ hours due to lost hours for various reasons) is the day I permanently give up on the game.


I completely sympathise with you @DarthTrethon, I’m confident they will fix the bugs, just a bit amazed how some of these managed to slip through. Some basic things that a little play-testing would have discovered, especially the issues with legacy bases and missing tech.

I’m still very salty my ship changed appearance, I spent hours of saving and reloading, just staring a trading post waiting for the S Class. Now it seems the hunt has to begin again.

With the latest patch reportedly still not fixing issues, I think I’m going to start a new Creative save and learn about base building while it doesn’t cost me anything.

The progress I’ve made on Next hasn’t been a lot, so I’ll happily reload that save if need be.

I know you’ve spent hours maxing and upgrading everything but the dawn is coming. Hang in there mate.


I wasn’t suggesting you abandon it, just to let it rest for a while until certain its fixed, I’ve found starting a new save has made learning the new items and mechanics much easier than when I was trying to figure out in my regular save which items did what, what was worth keeping and what’s just there to sell etc.

Your 1000 hour save will still be there and waiting and you at least get to enjoy the game in the meantime instead of letting it anger or upset you. The game makes a big point about not letting attachments get the better of you and there’s a running joke in the game with regards to acquiring large amounts of wealth so I try not let that stuff bother me personally and just enjoy the experience.


Got to agree.
While waiting for bugs to be sorted, I’ve done multiple starts testing faults.
A survival mode start just for fun.
Built an ever-expanding creative base.
Started a proper normal mode save, which I may do again.
I also have 2 variations of my big 800 hr save, one in NEXT the other my back from just before NEXT.

The game offers a lot to enjoy when not working on the massive long running saves.
I’ve wasted a ton of time not really achieving anything…but I’m enjoying myself.
It’s been said before but the new tutorial style begining is actually quite fun and not grindy at all.
Take a day break and then jump into a new save for a while.
You can be certain the guys that build a game this amazing will sort out the few bugs and then you can just tear back into it once it’s all sorted.


Maybe it could be a good strategy for you to try…
Back up learning from a fresh save is fun since the game has completely changed!
I started a new save myself, and it is very challenging right from the start!
Give it a try mate! :wink:


The basics have not changed at all…do missions for base and NPCs, increase rep with the races to unlock the ability to do quests for the factions, increase faction rank to get to the big nanite paying missions to really be able to buy all the good tech, find product recipes in factories and other places, do the story and atlas path missions, etc. etc. etc. There’s nothing that’s truly new or that I need to do again in any capacity…I’ve already done all of that…in some cases several times over.

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Actually, just taking it really easy and slowly exploring the new graphics is worth the restart.
The grind is the same but that’s the case with all games. At least with NEXT it is more challenging getting started again and you can aim for a more laid back type of play-through rather than aiming for the best equipment.
Not having the best gear but having 2 years of game time gives you a military style edge that lets you do pretty well with less.
I’m going to do another proper restart (as I deleted mine the other day while testing issues).
This time around I’m going to try and do it the way NEXT was designed to play throug,h which is quite different to the earlier versions.
NMS is too good to miss out on its variations.


I can do that just fine without restarting…in fact I’ll need to anyway if they ever fix the blueprint analyzer as I’ll need to dig up all the bits that thing eats up.

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Yeah. I’ve collected quite a lot and everytime I get to 9 in my suit, it starts just giving nanites so they get stuffed in my hauler and off I go again.
Kind of fun being helpless and small in the big bad universe and having to learn it all again.
Up to you buddy.
If its going to take a while for HG to rollout the patches, theres nothing wrong with firing up a new save and enjoying that for a bit…You never know…you might get into and just keep going.

To hell with starting over…I’m not giving up all the S class stuff I got…especially not my exotic S class ship…that thing has perfect stats…+64% hyperdrive, +59% shields, and +49% damage with 20+6 slots…it’s literally impossible to have a better exotic and it’s a full gold double fin with the splitting one on the bottom. That thing is absolutely irreplaceable…I’ve never even heard of anyone else finding a perfect one like that…anything barring cheating with save editors I could probably play this game for the rest of my life and never see another one like it. I wasn’t even farming for it and had no plans of even accepting an Exotic in my ship lineup but when I saw it and its stats I knew I couldn’t possibly pass it up.


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