Help stuck in Abysmal Horror creative

Hello … I have returned after so long away, last time I played I think was just before my 2nd liver transplant 5 or so yrs ago then a liver repair then a heart op !
Those trouble are finished I hope- now I am in Creative PS4 and have got suck in an Abysmal Horror I pressed square as advised but it wouldn’t load. So I am there screaming my head off… any advice apart from - don’t go near an A H ever again - please would be fab as I don’t want to lose this particular game save.
I don’t know how to get back to a previous save…if anyone can guide me I would be so grateful
Oh by the way I turned 70 since I last spoke here so forgive my lack of game skills which were never the sharpest!
Love to you all. Xxx


OMG!!! So happy to hear from you. So much has happned since we last heard from you.
So with AHs,I assume you mean the one-eyed worm-like creature at the underwater abandoned buildings.
As soon as the button prompt shows, you want to mash it repeatedly as rapidly as possibleto enable yourself to break free from their hypnotic gaze.
If you approach them carefully, you can blast them with your MT from a safe distance and collect the eye quickly before it rolls away.
Hope that helps!


Could you describe your current game state a bit more clearly, and how you got there? I’m afraid “stuck in abysmal horror” is not a common enough problem for me to understand what what exactly you mean by it…


Thank you that was quick xxx
Yes a lots for so many people has happened shaken up previously thought safe futures xxx
I am trying to get my coordination better having been an artist I lost so much strength and manipulation abilities but NMS Sky s a great healer as many have found.
The creature was too fast in catching me for me to understand what it was exactly as I was swim drifting as I still finding my PS4 controller skills and got sucked too close
The game stuttered and I couldn’t get the Square button to destroy this creature so I am remaining in its light and sound grip. The button wouldn’t load just went about a quarter the way then no further I tried many time and kept pressing down but the white progress bar just went back to the beginning
I have closed and restarted several times but now don’t even get the notification to press the square button
I think I have broken the game Ha!
I think if I could go back to my last save then I would avoid this creature but don’t know how to find where the last save is and what to do then ?
I have been away toooo long !


Thank you for answering me… I am amazed how quickly I have had replies xxx I have written about what my trouble is as a reply above
Hopefully you experienced people will know what I can do


For restoring to the previous restore point you can find the command on the options screen.

You use the options button which is just above and left of the square/triangle buttons.

Use R1 or L1 to pick the options screen. (You can also use the joystick but that moves too slow for me :slight_smile: And when on the options panel the restore is about three quarters down the screen.

To get loose from the monster you have to press/release the square button as fast as you can for several seconds. Three or four button presses per second. Hopefully you have a save away from the AH or you will need to go back there to collect your save. Edit: maybe not if you are in creative mode.


Ah… you’re stuck in an Abysal horror. Which, I guess, is a state that could well be described as abysmal, so fair point.

In any case, this appears to be a missed artifact of creative mode. In any other mode you can’t get stuck in abysal horrors, because you die. It appears that they forgot to block the abysals hypnotic ability for creative mode, but of course there it can’t kill you, so you’re kinda doomed to a fate worse than death…

However, there is one glimmer of hope I see, based on your description here:

You do know that you’re supposed to press the button repeatedly, as fast as you can, right? Just pushing it and holding it pressed won’t do anything. You have to push it again and again and again until you break free, as rapidly as possible (a concept generally known as “button-mashing”. Old sports-games used to employ this mechanic a lot…).

Otherwise, if you’re already doing that and just misformulated, I guess loading an older savegame is the only way out of this little personal hell you’ve got yourself caught in…


This looks promising
I hadn’t seen that save menu when in options maybe I hadn’t scrolled down properly I will give this a try if I can’t release myself using the square on rapid press as has been suggested

I so appreciate this help and it helps knowing some other people are Out There !!!


Well thanks for all of this I didn’t know I was meant to repeat the square button quickly
So many things to take in x
I will try this tomorrow and see if I can get free…
Thank you xxx


Well I am jumping up and down with joy, this morning the controls weren’t stuck and I could access options so I then found the previous save and Yes I am back on the shore before the sea swim
Now I am wondering if I have the courage to take a dip and re find the largest fish which I now know is there… hope I can avoid the AH show !!! Wish me luck please xxx


Thank you everyone for helping me @jedidia @GullyFourmyle @sheralmyst
What a fab lot of wise sky flappers land hoppers you all are xxx


Thanks for letting us know to avoid AHs in Creative. This should be reported to HG.
Looking forward to your NMS adventures. Glad to have you back! :hugs:


Thank you yes I am glad t be back again… . What is the best way to report this issue do you know ? Xxx



Linshell, so happy to see you are back and recovered from the liver op (and so many more since, wow!). Also congrats on 70! My dad just crossed that number last month too <3

Glad to see everyone was able to help you out of the abyssal situation. Though the save solution got you back to shore, should you find button mashing particularly strenuous, most modern games have accessibility options to let you swtich repeat pressing to a single held press.

Actually not sure what sort of options for accessibility NMS has for controls these days but there are bound to be some options to make wrangling the controller a little easier.

We still take Whats on the Other Side photos here, we kept your thread going :wink:


Thank you for your lovely welcome xxx yes I am playing again ! Though in my simple save way in creative…
I am find many new Things including the one which I wanted most owning a Pet I have so far 5 of them and love them all…I asked about having pets right at the beginning of NMS but that seemed something too much so was overjoyed to find them now.
That idea of the window pics still getting responses is fab to know… xxx
As for the mash button thing I just didn’t know that is what one had to do as I have no history playing any other games… it was a real visceral fear when it happened !!! Don’t know how anyone actually plays where one could die !!!


Theres also a new Wonder Projector that might interest you.

You can place it in your bases, up to ten per base, that will display a discovered planet or creature of your choice. You can now add your discoveries to a list of I think 10 categories of your choosing, e.g you could save a planet with the prettiest views you’ve found under the title “gorgey porgey” and then choose it to become a projected hologram in your base, the same works for all discoveries, creatures big and small.

You’ll find this list in the new Wonders category in the same tab where you find faction standing and lore.

To unlock the wonder projector you will need to summon the space anomaly and make your way to the machine that trades salvaged material for new base parts.

How else do you get cute lil frens to hang out with at breakfast? Wonder Projector! Reddit - Dive into anything

You can also make eggs from your new pets and influence how their offspring will appear in size/colour/temperment by using an egg sequencer on board the Space Anomaly/Nexus. It requires a bit of sciencing so do look online for a straight forward guide on Egg Sequencing :slight_smile:


This sounds amazing…my adult son has l joined NMS now he plays on switch I will tell him about this fab idea …what a brilliant addition xxx thank you so much for telling me

Oh while I am chatting… I saw two ships land I went into photo mode to take a pic and saw another human frozen in movement outside of the ship…is that another player or is it part of the game ? I came out of photo mode and snapped back into my ship by the time I landed next to them the ships took off …


It’s a new feature added not too long ago, non player character pilots can now land and have a little wander around outside of their ship. They always do it at space stations but now theres a chance one will land nearby out in the wilds of a planet. You can also now find pilots beside crashed ships who, when aided, will thank you for the repairs and take off too.

Great to hear your son has joined you for digital space adventures, the universe is the same now across all platforms, so if your son builds something on Switch, if you have the portal address you can go visit it and vice versa :smiley:

The only thing the switch version doesnt have (correct me if no longer the case) is multiplayer (cant see other players) and settlement building. It does allow base sharing and discovery though so in theory you can build together or close to each other. Kind of like how it used to be before NEXT I would imagine? You can leave each other comm stations to communicate XD


Wow …. Ha maybe it will be his nightmare come true…me turning up to leave a message to tell him to get out of bed or to tidy his ship !!!

Thanks for telling me about this stranger I saw… I feel more assured now !