Hello Games, DM21 Gaming wants to sell Xbox players on No Man's Sky. Please give him and others enough info to do so

Some of the questions he wants answered are perfectly valid, but please, know where to point the finger!


I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone…I’m just saying he has a legitimate position and reason to be asking for the things he’s asking and he’s not unreasonable about the details he’s asking. I’m not blaming anyone here and I’m not upset at HG for handling things the way they are nor would I be if they don’t answer anything and I’m not pointing a finger at you or anyone else either. I’m just saying that DM21 makes a reasonable case for himself here.

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Perhaps. If this were an initial launch, perhaps.

But I think you covered all the relevant points in your previous post. HG have decided on a strategy, and that is minimal conventional marketing. And I think that is exactly the right way to go.

No Man’s Sky is not a mass-market game. It was never intended to be. There are a relatively small number of people who feel it’s one of the most innovative things we’ve ever experienced. But there are an awful lot of conventional gamers who still won’t like it.

So don’t hype it. Don’t raise expectations. Wait for the release, and let it speak for itself. Word of mouth will be enough. NMS wasn’t intended to be a community game, but it has become one, in a big way. The communities will do a more honest job than advertising ever could.


The finger pointing was not aimed at you, don’t get me wrong. Sorry if that came across the wrong way, I was referring to DM21.


I know you were’t pointing a finger at me…I was referring to your “know where to point the finger” comment.

I just tell Xbox friends to watch gameplay of the current game.


I don’t know about the communities doing an honest job at pushing the game…because there’s so much we have no idea about…I’ve seen a youtuber or two fly off the chain with speculation in excitement and I found myself thinking “none of that is confirmed but listening to this dude get so excited about the details of multiplayer and how he’d play it would make me think it is if I didn’t know better.” And the game having been out for two years doesn’t help if the people who would only want it if it was on Xbox or only want it when it got multiplayer don’t know that NEXT is coming. The following of so many NMS youtubers is largely just us…the existing NMS communities.


There are plenty of fan made trailers out there that can sell the game in its current state quite well so I’d suggest maybe pointing his direction to those as I tend to use them to sell the idea to friends.

I’m quite fond of Ericguy2’s videos myself, and you can see him getting better with every video if you watch his earlier ones.

My brother has an xbox one and works for Microsoft (Accounting and finance stuff) so his brand loyalty is pretty hardcore, I recently used these trailers to sell the game to him and he’s between either getting it on xb1 or buying a ps4 to explore same universe as me.


No, you’re right, we don’t know yet. That’s why I said “wait for the release”. And then the communities can do their job.

No Man’s Sky is not a game you finish in 20 hours, then move on to the next one. Well… I suppose it could be, but if you play it that way, you’re going to be very disappointed.

No Man’s Sky is a slow burner. Once the right people discover it, they don’t let it go. You can never say you’ve seen all of it, and you can never say you’ve finished it. “I beat the game” just doesn’t figure. So just let it build, gradually.


Fan made trailer just don’t have the reach…and some would be outright upset to find they’re fan-made…I personally care little for fan made stuff, if I’m on the fence about a game I want OFFICIAL info confirmed by developers. Good job selling the game to your brother I guess but really not much we can do will have a lot of impact…none of my followers on social media are Xbox Only players apart from literally three…the rest either don’t own an Xbox or have one as a side platform they don’t primarily game on. At the end of the day the fans are not a proper PR agency and what we say won’t get proper articles written about the game…I’ve seen NMS fans manage to get Kotaku and a few others make some pretty appalling headlines to be created about the hubs speaking of nonsense nonexistent governments and laws and so on to the point that reading them would lead you to think this game is like EVE or something.

Oh dear. 1.30 a.m, and a busy week ahead.

Good night, folks.


DM21’s main point is that multiplayer is the main reason Xbox players are interested in the game, but because we know next to nothing about how the MP will work, we can’t satisfy any of their questions about it. I stream NMS too and I also get tired of being asked the same questions over and over that I cannot give a definite answer to.


Say what you will about the entitlement of anyone demanding a trailer/insider info, but the idea of releasing a massive update on the same day as a port to a new platform and not releasing information on the contents of that update with enough time for new purchasers to make an informed decision is objectively insane. At best, you’re directly undercutting potential sales; at worst, you’re potentially deceiving new customers.

Despite the delivery, DM21 and Darth’s underlying concerns are valid. And worrying.

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Whoa! I didn’t expect to see those here! :slight_smile: @kyle-culver does some great ones as well. For what it’s worth, I try to remain impartial with what I show: glitches, weird bugs, but also fun things like diplos and exotic ships. Anyway, cool, I’m glad you and your brother like them.


You beat me too it, I came here to post this. Cool, they need to see this.

I always see you posting them but somehow missed the fact you’re also making them :slight_smile: big fan of what Kyle’s doing too :smiley:

Keep up the fun and creativity ;]

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I do understand that, and in fact DM21s argument explicitly doesn’t apply to that situation. You can go to gamestop and preorder NEXT right now.
DM21s problem is that allegedly almost nobody on Xbox does that, and that there is no information explicitly for digital preorder available. So that strikes me as a bit ironic, considering NMS was the game that made the whole world go “Guess we really should stop preordering”.

I think you are, actually. DM21 is pretty good folks. The major difference between him and other NMS Youtubers is that he is in fact a professional influencer. He’s making his living on the net, which isn’t always easy. And which also blindsides you for some issues. Like, it’s literally your job to sell stuff. So if you’re not given the necessary information to do that, you go like “hey wait a minute guys, that’s not the way it works”. The fact that somebody might not even want you to sell a thing in advance is difficult to grasp in that position, and I completely understand that.
It’s not that I don’t understand his concerns. It’s that I believe his concerns are purely a product of todays marketing culture and the weird paradigm that if you don’t try to sell your stuff to somebody as hard as you can, you don’t care about them. Unless of course you try too hard and end up overpromising, in which case you’re a scammer that only care about the money.

What I’d suggest to DM21 is this: Just show the games current state. Say there will be another update adding multiplayer capabilities that will be included in the launch package. There will probably be no digital preorder, but the game will come out in two weeks (I mean, seriously two weeks! You’ll be able to wait that long, I’m sure), at which point additional information about the update will be available.
Does this really sound so bad?


I finished Watching DM21 Gamings hour long talk about the topic of Selling Xbox and I see a few things.

One thing for sure is those who have faith in NMS will Pre Order it just on the merrit of what Hello Games has already given us on PC and PS4.

Second thing is when Hello Games decides to share with us more information it will be on their own time frame. They have been creating a Public Relationship Image that has gotten them a very fine and sturdy player base. I mean once they fix some bugs with communicating with others in the game I am going to be more active in the game myself.

I see no reason for Hello Games or 505 Games to think that Xbox Players are getting cheated because they don’t have the huge hype of 2016 (Which didn’t help Hello Games Sell more games) I think that Hello Games keeping the details for the ARG and for the Day One Release Notes of Next to be the best course of action.


For all it’s worth, I don’t think this particular statement is true at all. It hasn’t helped the reputation of HG as a company, for sure, but it definitely helped selling the game on launch day. So much so that they could keep expanding it for two years, and probably a few more to come without additional revenue. I honestly don’t think that would have been possible without the positively staggering sales numbers in 2016 (for an indie game), and much of that clearly was because of the runaway hype.


@jedidia , I understand what you mean but when I mean “selling a game” I mean selling it for good. Not just taking in money for it and then no one plays it anymore after its hype dies out. Sure Hello Games made a lot of money even with the returns that ensued after the game got a bad rep.

The Waking Titan ARG and all the Updates to NMS has sold me on the game. I am not hyped just for the sake of something people say is cool happening.

The Sales after 2016 August are what Hello Games needed. Those are the people that despite how bad it all started out were willing to try and make NMS a fun part of their lives :slight_smile:

And for Next I believe Hello Games will Truly Sell more games then it had all through 2016 and 2017. Selling them to people who appreciate an Excellent Space Exploration Game.