Has there been a link to Voyager

We have made links to the Arecibo Message and the Cosmic Call before:


I’m wondering if any links have been made to the Voyager missions or Carl Sagan yet before I start digging.

I ask because with Carl Sagan being mentioned on the Multiverse site there’s now a link to another message that was sent in the form of a golden record:

The start of track B on the new tape sounds a lot like Music of the Spheres from that disc… (https://forums.etarc.org/t/side-b-of-tape-9-16-has-been-uploaded-please-analyze-asap/704) - the disc can be listened to at Stream NASA | Listen to Golden Record: Sounds of Earth playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Well, other than that sagan was involved in that record, no, not as far as I know. The record contains greetings in 52 languages, and a whole bunch of random pictures from all over the globe as far as I recall.

Voyager itself is also really quite slow (compared to the Arecibo message), it hasn’t left our solar system properly yet, being somewhere near the heliosheath. I did some looking at it when I first saw Sagan mentioned, but couldn’t find anything that holds a solid tie to either Waking Titan or NMS.

That being said, it may hold some reference to cassette tapes.
If it is, this could be somewhat interesting: “The remainder of the record is audio, designed to be played at 16⅔ revolutions per minute.”

Edit: Notice how that is the number 16 again? Also, while I believe ppl tried to speed up/slow down the tapes by a little, I’m not sure if anyone went all the way and speed it up by that much.

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16.66 RPM is 1/2 of the normal 33.2 RPM record player speed. But that doesn’t correlated to the tape speed in cassette recorders…because it depends on the speed that the sound was recorded at. Normal cassette speed is 1 7/8th inches per second (IPS). Yeah, people are speeding up, slowing down, isolating frequency ranges, etc…trying to find out what the “name” is on the tape! -)


I’ve talked about Voyager 1 since the early days of this ARG. Many things are “Voyager coincidences”. Just search for the Voyager 1 launcher name, you will be surprised :slight_smile: And Voyager 1 40th anniversary is… 2017

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Oddly enough, NMS never mentions Voyager once. Not even in a vague reference. Which is odd seeing how the major milestones we earn are all spacecraft… We are travellers, could be like ST motion picture. Lost in translation, as it were.

I can’t help but think of Star Trek Voyager… A ship of people thrust into the unknown regions of space who are trying to make their way back home to Earth (or… The center of the Galaxy???) Vague connection, sorry. I just love that show n_n

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French. What did Raz say it said in French?? Traveller… @kyle-culver

Wait, wait. Are you talking about ST Motion picture? That movie is so hard to remember any kind of detail… lol xD