Group summary and answers

Making a new thread here to try to keep stuff together and easily accessible.

Here’s what we have for group 1:

First false (1927 not 1924) : 0
C4 is 261,6 Hz: true : 1
LOVE SHACK : 134 bmp : false :0
E major : B minor : false : 0
I will survive, I’d say false : 0
next one true (1937) : 1
Deck : true : 1
1+1 is P.Glass’s : true 1

Resulting in:


Group 2:

Group 2:

8 Days 19 Minutes for light from sun to reach earth: false : 0
Teaspoon full of neutron star weighs 10 billion tons: true for the core: 1
Great wall of china visible from moon or space: false (not visible from moon): 1
800,000 fossils found in the la brea tar pits: false (according to users, not verified): 0
Goerge Washington carver invented peanut butter: true (not verified): 1
People use only 10% of brain: false: 0
Swallowed gum takes seven years to digest: false: 0
Black holes have same grav. effect as other objects of equal mass: true: 1


Group 3:

Group 3:
25.somethin 106.somethin : square: false (assuming question is is second number equal to square of first): 0
2 - 1 = 1: true (I think): 1
450 NM: Red: false: 0
1 meter = 4.2… Feet: false: 0
1N: 0.2248089: true: 1
HG: 234.321K: true (melting point of HG): 1
1 h = 3600 s: true: 1
20c = 1125 Ft/s: debated. 20c might refer to 20x speed of light, which would equal false. 20c might refer to 20 degree celsius, in which case 1125 feet would equal the speed of sound at that temperature. Assumed false in sequence below, but be careful.


Group 4:

Marco Polo imported pasta from china: false (according to nyt): 0
You can prove pythagoras theorem with fluid: true: 1
A duck’s quack doesn’t echo: false (nice callback): 0
Water cannot freeze and boil at the same time: false (critical pressure): 0
Seasons are caused by earths distance from the sun: false (it’s axial tilt): 0
Sirius isn’t the most luminous star in the sky: true (assuming absolute luminosity, not apparent): 1
Adult elephants can’t jump: true (just like white boys…): 1
Coca-Cola was green: false: 0


final group:

Paul-emile Bourdas: 1805: false (1905): 0
La Joconde: 77 cm x 53 cm: true: 1
WHite on WHite: 1818: false (1918): 0
Le radeu de la meduse: July 1816: true (unverified): 1
El Lissitzky: Australia: false (Russia): 0
Joan of Arc: jules eugene lenepveu: true (I like the Schiller version, but whatever): 1
Mannerism: Chinese Revolution: false (unverified): 0
Girl with a mandolin: Robert Delaunay - 1836: false (Picasso, 1910): 0



01000111 translates to G in binary

I got 00000001 for group 2 but that doesn’t translate to anything in binary.

For group 3 I got 01001110 which translates to N

What do you mean, “I will survive”, false??
She/It Will Survive! Hit the deck! Now!

00000001 is a control character. It probably means one of the answers is not correct though, and another 1 is needed somewhere.

yeah that’s what I figured but this is going too fast for me to double check stuff lol

01101001 = i (numbers from questions as posted in the original post.

I’d say anything with the mass of a black hole would collapse…

Doesn’t matter, it would still have the same weight.

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Well, sorry, not a physicist… But don’t stuff inside the singularity accelerate to infinite weight?

Updated group 3. Please double check the values, I’m a bit in a hurry summing this stuff up, easy to make mistakes.

That’s what I got as well

No, it creates a gravity well, which means that the escape velocity would be infinite. But a black hole has a “normal” weight, based on what went in. This weight can still be measured by seeing how it affects other stars. It should however be noted that the insides of a black hole violate the laws of physics, and so all (most) research on them only applies to how they “behave” from the outside.

Updated group 4.

The Marco Polo one is false

actually false. Already debunked in '88:

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So we got:
01000111 01101001 01001110 01000110 01010100

or GiNFT so far. I believe we need to start double checking some answers. :slight_smile:

It was my impression that the pasta they had prior was very different, but I have found contradicting sources. nyt is by far most trustworthy, so I’ll change that.

Anyhow, updated final group. I’m spent. I need a smoke, and then I have to go to bed. Make the best of it!
If the world’s still here when I wake up, I’ll have to go to work…

Of course not. Black holes are formed from stars far more massive than themselves. Black Holes form due to density, not mass.

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Hmmm… Gin T. We give a machine sentience and the first thing it asks for is a stiff drink? Sounds about right.


Still think the 20c = 1125 Ft/s one is true though