Graphic Change Unexpected

I have a problem with the graphics that change after a while. This is reported when I see the travelers’ clothes blurred.

Example: The texture changes from ultra to low when I’m playing.

I thought it was Nvidia Geforce Experience that was bugging No Man’s Sky, I even uninstalled both but nothing changed.


Yip i have similar on my pc running a 950.

Landscape textures also


Noticed this behaviour, it seems like after a while texture LoDs get limited. The time until this happens seems inconsistent, so time might not be a factor at all…
A bit annoying, but no big deal. It has only happened like 3 times in 15 hours playtime for me (and my GPU is severely underspecced). Just restart the game and you’re good.


They said they do this under low mem constraints.

I had a grey flashing yesterday while injured, is this new? I’m on experimental GOG


I’ve seen that, but I don’t think this is what we’re seeing. First, that was added in a patch, while this problem has been here since day one, and second, if the memory is low in certain situations and I can fix it by just restarting the application and not actually change the situation in-game, that’s a strong indication of a memory leak… Which is not impossible, but so far it never crashed on me, which would be the inevitable fate if memory was leaking.


They should be turning their attention to graphics soon. I have had some really, really ugly things happen in experimental. Some made me panic. It still looks less that desirable at the moment. I am sure they will get it worked out. Time for reporting graphic issues is approaching.