Good luck, interlopers


Greetings fellow travellers, i must leave my lil island for Brighton today, at a wedding til sunday, have an amazing time in a familiar universe when 1.3 drops!


lol, 1.3 will drop and people will wonder why the ‘best man’ just ran out of the church.


Todd leaving for a while! Big chance the update drops! Pity it has to be 'till Sunday… We would probably get it just by him looking away a couple of hours, but oh well, least we get it for sure this time, guys!


I think they sensed videogames would be afoot come the wedding so i was given free pass on any best/groomsmen roles, or thats what i tell myself haha. Ive to somehow make a curation video for a music project on Saturday too while there :-/

@Virakotxa its more or less an unwritten etarc law at this point. When todd turns away, shits about to go down. My flights at 0840 gmt+0 so expect patch notes precisely then


The second Todd leaves his house the update will drop


Im at the airport now so… Any second now


it will drop when your plane leaves the ground


I can see Todd at the weeding and he gets the email update is live and he just screams noooooooo right when the pastor says if anyone thinks this couple should not be married speak now


That actually almost genuinely happened (well, the opposite of THAT) was just as we got out of the church, I checked my phone and stated “oh my god im so happy!” when i quiickly skimmed the patch notes. Someone turned to me and said “yeah what a lovely couple, delighted for them”. Heh, yeah… the newly weds… thats what I meant.