GOG Multiplayer User List


I use GOG and would like to try out multiplayer.
Platform: PC
Game Mode: Normal and Creative
GOG ID: blackiris

I have set the game to allow anyone to join but have placed restrictions on what other players can do. Destruction of players or private property is not allowed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bear with me if you join my game I have never played multiplayer online in any game.


I’ve tried a bit yesterday, was fun but we didn’t really play coop, but we did go to the same places. Found some gravitano balls.
GOG Id gunnar_g


It is very handy for helping each other out especially early in a new save. My son plays with 3 other people. They play Minecraft style, building together.


Happy Birthday @sheralmyst :confetti_ball::balloon: You are proclaimed Queen for the Day! :crown:


Platform: PC
Game Mode: Normal
GOG ID: Tsal

I’m on GOG as well. Been sitting on the edge of center of the universe for about a year now. I’m not much of a multiplayer kind of guy, but I don’t mind company. If you see me online, pop on over and say hey.