Glitches and Funny Pics

There’s a big nugget of truth to that! :wink:



So easy now with free placement to finish some of the quests. Ghost in the Machine kept telling me to build a door. I was distracted with other things. This was the only door available but no need to rebuild the round room to attach it to(I tore it down for the ingredients)…just set it out any old place.


Reminds me of the portal doors out of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.


Ooooo. I feeling the whole “Door in the Floor” vibe now!


Strangest copper deposit




That’s one rocky landing waiting to happen!


I thought it was like using a plastic ‘rock’ to hide a key.


And I immediately thought, “Avoid the poisonous gas!”

When you love a game, you see signs of it everywhere.


:rofl: That is the creepiest pumpkin ever. It didn’t start hissing did it?


I don’t know if this a glitch, a bug, a new feature, or just something I never ran into before. With this game it is hard to tell.

Doing the daily, a hunt for aggressive plants, I was walking toward the grave when it just disappeared. After a bit of hunting I found it ‘Off Planet.’ The icon lead me to an empty looking place in space where I found a cloud of colored dots. Like an overly saturated galaxy map to fly through.

There wasn’t much to judge the size of the cloud. Bigger than a space station, not nearly as big as a moon. And the grave was not there even though the location icon was. Leaving the mission and returning to the area, I did not find the dots anymore.


Something weird is happening in my game too. I was going to provide a link but that is not working either…check Frontiers updates and patches for my recent experience. I have gotten 3 small patches lately


I was going to answer that post as well but I’m on PS4 and don’t know if there have been any recent small updates. But nothing has been announced. I have been walking along and twice the ground just magically swallows me. It jumps above me, not like falling through a crack. I fall for a second, though not long enough to make it to water level, and then pop back on top like nothing happened. Never had a whole planet change on me though (yet). My settlement disappeared once, handy because I could find the save point that I lost since the last update. And I could see all the settlers wandering around like there wasn’t anything wrong.

Probably a bug but it is a lot more fun to imagine it as a boundary failure :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this in previous versions, as early as Next if not even earlier, but only when using a save editor to reload into a different system. That would typically spawn your ship right the middle of these light clusters.

They look a lot like the galactic map, so I suspect they’re an artifact of that - possibly temporary entities being spawned to render that, then not properly being cleaned up afterward.

People on reddit, youtube, and now here seem to be coming across them during normal play more often lately. Perhaps a recent update made the issue more common.


I recorded myself flying through a galactic map projection in space after Visions was released. Also during a community research… For me the colours were rather under-saturated though.
Is that the same thing as you mean? I interpreted the icon as a black hole (and then was confused I couldn’t find one) , did you get a different icon?

For me looked as if it was behind any planets/rings/asteroids and at the same time very close to me.
I’m curious if this is an infixable bug, or on purpose (something mysterious put in to be found by exploring), or a known bug that was left in because it looked pretty….


I suspect that as with a normal star map, if you had zoomed fairly close to a star, we would see stellar flares as well.

I notice there weren’t any visible stars in space. And now I’m wondering if the starfield we see in the sky isn’t the local star map projected on a virtual dome some crazy distance away.


The stars we see correspond with the stars around our system.
Back in the days when we were exploring a chain of stars, we found we could see the formation from various planet locations nearby.
From one end, the chain looked like a cluster yet from further out to the side you could see the chain clearly.
Was one of those mind blown moments when we realised it was more than just pretty artwork.


One word: freaking incredible. :sweat_smile:


Very good observation! I did think the clouds were unnaturally dense today…

Atlas let go of the sky dome and the stars fell in a clump in the middle of the system. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (And yes I am saying Atlas carried the sky, not Earth.)