Glitches and Funny Pics: The Lighter Side

Landing pads now feature vertical takeoff.

I dug too deep, too greedily.


Hey! The sign clearly says: “No standing on the seats please!”


Hey! Who named this planet after himself?

Also the game’s new exploration tracking system can get a little crazy. I never even landed on this planet yet, and it states I have already discovered a lot of minerals, flora and fauna…

So I landed, scanned a rock and then took a look at my discovery screen:

At the same time the exploration guide updated my scanned mineral count, but not the other counters…

Yepp, these new updates always come with their built-in bugs as well. :smiley:


I believe this is connected with Discovery Services being down. When they briefly came back on, the count adjusted for me… likely linked to the Extinct animals that were being counted but which have since been removed… :weary:


Triplets arguing over who is the best-looking.


This is not the first time something like this happens anyway. I have experienced all my discoveries being gone but still being counted somewhat more than once. And when I re-scanned some of the once-again-unknown animal, it shows me something “11 out of 9 species discovered”… How cool I can make the impossible possible. :smiley:



Looks like they moved to a space station. In pursuit of Solo, no doubt:


I had an experience last night before I hit the sack. I jumped into a system using my freighter to make long jumps, because black holes took me all the heck over the galaxy. I saw a weird looking Space Station, which I realized was just exposed as it nestled in a planet’s rings.

So I went in to land… and experienced a white screen. I thought the game had crashed, when I emerged through the fog and landed in the bay. Walking around inside was quite a sight.

The novelty wore off pretty quick, and I went elsewhere. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pets!! Ooooh! What kind of pets will I find there I wonder! :slight_smile:

It even says: numerous fauna! I can’t wait to meet all the cute animals!

I was literally searching for 2 whole planetary days (and the night between), plains, hill, forests, and this is the result. NOTHING!

What a letdown! Planet Pets, you lied to me! :crying_cat_face:
Looks like the game still has problems with corretly spawning the animals. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! All the fauna is either rare or uncommon. And you are missing the location data. It should state what area to find them in, north or south. I bet they are there somewhere. Strange situation, :thinking:

Maybe they have all frozen to death. :smiley: (But that would make them -extinct- then) :wink:

I have only ever seen location data once or twice, where it had something like (found in the north) after a creature’s rarity and other stats in parenthesis. Very most of the creatures I find are like that, without specific locations to find them. And this is not the first planet where “common” species are missing. Since the update, there are some strange creature combination, like only flying :astonished: for example.


It only shows that if the animal is actually restricted to a hemisphere. If there’s nothing written, the probability of encounter doesn’t depend on your location.

Still, a planet with that elusive fauna… It almost sounds like an adventure. Now if only we had some base modules that could help us find things on a planet (kinda subnautica style), this would be a perfectly emergent reason to build a small outpost. sigh


Yeah … so I’m not in favor of rings having an in-structure effect of any sort. Good grief. If the “maths” are too hard to do that, I’d rather they just forced space stations out of any rings area.


They really should. My one experience was quite enough. And also make sure that all construction has the code to properly carve away any surrounding terrain. It seemed they said an update had dealt with that, but I came across another Celestial Archive yesterday that had one of the landing pad structures stuck in a hillside.


The maths aren’t so much the problem as that the rings are a particle effect generated by GPU. There’s no way to tell it that there’s a point where the effect shouldn’t be rendered, it’s all or nothing. You can observe the same effect with weather, where the storm effects (dust and rain particles) aren’t rendered at all when you’re indoors, which you can easily verify by looking outside a cave during a storm.
They could do something similar for rings, just not render them when you’re inside the space station, but then the look out the window might be a bit jarring.

The preferable solution would in fact be not to place them there, but that requires interaction between the generation of the planet and the generation of the space station. How hard that is to facilitate depends on code structure, so I can’t make any guesses about that. I do think that the major reason for it not being done is a combination between required refactoring to make it happen and low priority of the issue.


They always had a problem with that. I stopped terraforming for my base after it literally killed me back in Beyond. I had no idea why I just suddenly died out of “collision with the ground” while traversing my supposedly safe base.

And then just as suddenly, when I was walking around in my base another time, I found a dirt wall emerging before my eyes, covering the rest of my base. While trying to find a way around it, it disappeared just as sudden as it had appeared. I realized that the ground I have digged out when I built my base decided to pop back for a quick visit. :scream: I must have died when this wall popped back right on me a while ago.

Looks like the engine just can’t hanlde terrain and buildings occupying the same place after each other. Present and past keeps colliding. That is the real anomaly here and not that death star in the sky!


Wow… I think I’ll take this under advisement, and look for some nice flat ground when I do build my base. I don’t want to make the planet mad at me! :rofl:


Another frozen planet, but this time with actually existing fauna. I saw 2 or 3 of these guys and threw a bait. Suddenly the whole forest seemed to come to life! Whoah guys, all this, for one Sweetened Compost?

Also Origins’ new widened scaling of animals can make some quite funny and cute moments. This guy down here for example is actually smaller than the other one’s dung! :smiley: (He (or is it a she? or whatever the game can be weird with these stats) only seems bigger because he is that closer to the camera) And this is fully grown up one!