Glitched plant loot?


Ok so I landed on this toxic planet for a mission and I went in this outpost where I found a room full of plant trays…they looked pretty dried up and dead. But when I started looting them they seemed to give random stuff.

Here’s all different kinds of stuff I got out of those plants:

They all looked the same, was this intended? Here’s a screenshot from the place:


I think this is intentional. I got mordite and dihydrogen from a potted plant at an outpost. Much like the cargo containers i think there’s a lot of added variety to rewards from houseplants.


But…plants are plants…I get that different plants may be made of different things…but to get a loot table out of one sort of plant seems extremely odd.


The glitch could be from the user picking from different parts of the cultivated plant. Root, leaf, rhizome,tendril, bulb, berry, pollen, dirt, dust, etc… These station plants could have been bio-engineered for their variety of products. (just a thought) :slightly_smiling_face:


Well if it’s intentional I’d like to see lore entries implemented! :grin::grin:


I’d love that! I was thinking along the lines of how we can currently graft different types of apples on a single dwarf apple tree.

But the lore… hmm. Write some? :grinning:


In a sci-fi context, I honestly think this is intentional, to mimic all sorts of plants that has been created. From the lore perspective, it’s all up to the AI’s imagination after all (the one who is running the simulation). It’s like minerals on different planets that sorta look similar but give different resources (ok, granted, mostly secondary ones, but still)…


Definantly intentional. I got the same, about 4 different elements from the same type of plant, in a space station.