GISHWHES help request

So once again I am playing GISHWHES

So during this week I may occasionally make some weird requests here (Although after seeing the stream of the hamster not sure what is considered weird anymore).

So my request would be can you guys answer this poll? We require 400 replies. For science of course.

Thanks for your time and help.


Done! Good Luck :slight_smile: Thanks for the video. This is my first time ever hearing of this.

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Damn, that’s quite the fast 'n zip question! :smile:

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I was disappointed in this questionnaire as it didn’t feel like an endless bunch of repetitive questions that went nowhere. This is the sort of standard I expect from my questionnaires, that’s why I’ll be rating it 5 noodles out of 1000.

I wonder if theres any correlation between the way people start their tooth brush stance and the way they start those fake blowjob gestures some people do? Cos thats what it feels like I’m doing when trying out the different brushing approaches in the questionnaire XD

Bring on the next weird request, I promise not to make them weirder anymore like I just did!


Done. Good Luck!

Done, I struggled with that first question :wink:Good luck and God speed! :vulcan_salute:


Responded…good luck!

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I have to suggest next time to do both studies in parallel :wink:

Now this is citizen science at its finest!