Emote Ideas?


So on Twitch, I’m almost an affiliate (only 15 followers away!!). If you don’t know what that is, it means that people are allowed to donate bits and subscribe to my channel (paying a monthly price which goes directly to the streamer. Subscribing gives access to special emotes of the streamers choosing and other cool stuff). I have a few plans on what my emotes should be, but since my viewers consist of mostly you guys, I was wondering if you had any ideas. My idea was to make it Sean Murray’s face, one smiling, one frowning, and laughing.


I want to use his face in these three pictures:image


I did it! Hit affiliate AND the amazing @damonnabru cropped out the 2 pictures! (I decided to cut out the third one) Also YES, I finally changed my username on the forums page. I went from Sentient_Falcon to Ospredox, this is because now it matches with all of the other sites and media I am on.




Congrats on your status upgrade! :+1:


Thanks! For a while I actually didn’t think I would get it, until something happened with Twitch and I randomly received the email saying I qualified. Strange, but I’m not complaining :laughing:


Congrats on having become Twitch affiliate! All good things come at once :wink:


Congratulations. :beers:


Congratulations @Ospredox! :sparkler: :fireworks: :tada:


Thank you @DevilinPixy @Mad-Hatter @BlackIris!
The Sean Murray spamming will be real in my chat soon… :rofl:


Late to the party but you would’ve gotten my approval on the emote choices.

Congratulations on the affiliate, well deserved. :clinking_glasses: (if your parents ask, those are soda glasses :blush: )