Giant Bio-Domes


I would love to see giant bio-domes that we could build our base inside. Just like the bio-domes we have now just big enough to protect an entire base from harsh weather conditions not just 16 plants. Also add a Pauly Shore NPC inside it.


You realise that place actually exists? It’s called the Eden Project, in Cornwall, UK


Great idea! Even if it’s not a physical dome, but maybe a deployable energy field that you set-out with marker-posts? - could look a bit like the camera-limit in photo-mode with added steez of course :wink:


Good idea. I hate it when I have to be careful about my hazard protection in survival mode during building a base outside.


Every base should have a Pauly Shore npc hahaha


googled and understood :wink:


That would be a lot of Living Glass…:sweat_smile: