Getting a laugh out of life


Well did you run pick it up and make something? :rofl:


So you filled your backpack, and all your pockets. And now you can’t work out why people won’t stand close to you…


@heartphone , @BlackIris , @Polyphemus

LOL Virtual insanity…what has this game done to me

:poop: = :gem:


I’ve been playing too much NMS again, haven’t I?

(This was just on the board in my Spanish class too. No idea why)


I love Jermaine, I saw Flight of the Conchords live this year, will definitely give this a watch.


All of these issues with the current Community Event have sent me over the edge…this is what that looks like.



Just bought some new speakers for my PC. They were packed in this adorable box!

Someone should make this happen


That bed story made me recall the pillow hype in Morrowind… :smile:


Thought of a parity to this one Sunday night not to long ago. It would go something like… “Work, Work, Work, Work, Workity, woooooork, workity work, work, etc! But, I don’t like work!” I think whenever, I have to do something I don’t want to do this will be my montra/mantra, just replace the word. Which will lead to it reverting back to Spam and having a laugh to myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its hard to get “laugh” out of “life”. For “life” is too short and 3/4 of it does not match up to what you expect :wink:


Excellent! :grin: