Getting a laugh out of life


Since there’s a thread for funny No Man’s Sky screenshots, maybe we can do that for life as well.

What makes you laugh? If there’s anything that you would like to share, feel free to do so (keeping within the guidelines of course)


Hope that you smile!





Hungry hungry dinosaurs.



Having trouble naming things in No Man’s Sky? Dr. Ronald Chevalier will teach you proper nomenclature for science fiction:



Most things Brooker are quite funny. Be it screenwipe, newswipe, yearlywipe, games wipe etc.

How tv ruined your life is also a lovely little treat of despair

He’s more commonly known those days for Dead Set, Black Mirror and the lesser known and on the nose Touch of Cloth


Roblox is adopting Samsung’s tactics… Appealing to the opposition’s customers.

(the website is a Minecraft skin editor)

And yes I play Minecraft


I’ve been a lone Minecraft player for five years now, all the folk I knew moved on from it. Has on console and PC but NMS has somewhat replaced it for me as my go to zen game.

I can see me playing it with nephews and nieces etc when they’re old enough, the game is immortal in my eyes.



That face… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My dog is really weird…


I think I forgot to grow up :thinking:

Found unique creature and protection from the planets extreme heat environment in this small planetside shelter.

There were no nanite clusters to be found within :frowning:

… also, due to an infinite probability drive malfunction my multi tool turned into a ukulele


I retrieved the ex- owner of your shelter :joy:



That’s a strange looking gek


Beware of hot pockets
RIP Morrowseer


Wings of Fire is the BEST. I LOVE that book series. My favorite of all time.


Everything will be alright now ok?
You don’t have to be scared anymore :rofl:


“…as you are slowly digested, over a thousand years.”


While others are making friendship bracelets for Eun Ha, all I can think about is “friendship stones”.