Getting a laugh out of life


My birds
Updated version can be found here.


This really made me laugh …


hahahahha same!!!

I was like: hugh… she just left …



Ow! My ears.


Thousands of full barrels of bourbon, and possibly other spirits, came crashing down when a storage warehouse in Bardstown, Ky., partly collapsed on Friday.

The collapse at the Barton 1792 Distillery campus was called in to emergency services about 10:55 a.m.,
The Environmental Protection Agency responded to the collapse because of concerns that alcohol may have seeped into the area’s groundwater
“There is a stream of bourbon and water running down the hillside that has taken much time to properly and thoroughly assess,” Mr. Mura said.


I imagine those were the events that took place before this song :slight_smile:


And all of this reminds me of my favorite song from one of my favorite movies

Had to do it via google slides.
Scary birds…


Not sure if intended, but your Google Slides upload requires permission to access. Just wanted to let you know.


Works for me.

bitey birds :grin:


Love the soundtrack from the movie and the movie is also in my top favourite list.


Sadly not working for me either



@DevilinPixy @Polyphemus
I took use of my new youtube channel to upload the video there.


It’s double funny when you think “caution, birds may bite” does not prepare you for getting your face mauled by a beefy kangaroo :joy: :joy:


Thank you and yes, that’s hilarious! :joy:


Thank you. Working now.


I didn’t know where to put this, but since it made me smile I choosed this thread!

My fellow Citizens, it’s been a year that I joined the Etarc community! And it’s been a hell of a ride!! Very Happy!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone making this community as it is today! :raising_hand_man:



Scanning Fauna this weekend and a bonus to get some coprite…


Lol :rofl: