Getting a laugh out of life

I’ve been reading the many dire warnings of Laura’s storm surge being “unsurvivable.”


For those along the coast, its likely going to be bad since its a category 4+ once it makes contact with land. My prayers go out to them and i’d be glad to help out if I could. Once the hurricane hits, the storm “should” drastically slow down once it gets to Arkansas. But the rains will still be heavy.


I take the time out to sit back & have a ‘daytime’ play, (very unusual for me).
I figure, I’ve been working hard so I can allow myself little a bit of R&R for a change.

I make good progress & then save my game before heading off for a bit of an explore.
While being hunted by a pack of nasties on a fungal world, the power goes off & that’s the end of my session.
‘That’s ok’, I think to myself, I might get on again a bit later.
A couple of hours go by, I get some chores done & find the power is back on.
‘Oh cool’, I thinks, time for a bit more NMS :hugs: .
Click the remote.
Nothing. :thinking:
Fiddle a bit more.
Nothing. :anguished:
:scream: My 4K TV is DEAD!!!
:cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

At some point the TV plug got swapped from the surge protected multiboard to another one…and it got fried when the power jumped back on!
Wwwaaaahhh!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

I least I get to write a story :roll_eyes:


Damn, that’s a pity. I’m afraid I know the feeling, my heater died after an outage as well. It’s not a problem with this temperature we’re having in Belgium right now, were it not that the heater needs to heat my water too. With 2 teenagers in the house, that’s not that fun.


So you won’t believe what I am doing…delivering a German Shepherd to Animal Rescue…45 miles N of home…with a hurricane headed for my house. So I have to drive back into the rain when I am done here. With a bit of good timing, I should get home about 30 minutes before the bottom falls out of the clouds…this is my life. :grin: :scream:



No wonder you enjoy NMS - exploration, adventure…EXTREME HAZARD PLANET :wink:

…incoming storm…incoming storm…


Hence the reason I post under Getting A Laugh Out of Life, :sweat_smile: :scream:


Oh no! My power is in and out! At least I can d/l The Last Campfire on my Switch. Getting really windy here. Debris everywhere. Now that would be a nice feature in NMS. Flying debris! :smiley:
UPDATE: My house creaked a few times,tree limbs everywhere, a river runs through my yard and there are still watches and warnings but me and my trees are still upright!


Hope you stay safe! The storm barely missed me, but we are having brownouts north of Houston due to the storm. I feel like I haven’t set up my solar farm on my base right :smile:


People with english as a second language might infer from that that the situation is a lot worse than what you wanted to describe… :rofl:


Glad to hear the good news :sunrise_over_mountains:


Clarified :smile:



The Guardian: A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?.

CNN: An entire village lost its broadband at the same time every day for 18 months. Now we know why.

Weekend Update: Dr. Wenowdis on Trump’s Televised…:

Am I the only one still laughing these days? :smile:

This is what you get when you ask the techie person in your house, “Hey! Have you got any use for my old USB to micro dongle?” And he says “Oh yeah! I can hook that dongle to my old Samsung phone I use as an MP3 player. And I can hook this old USB to AT to PS/ 2 (or whatever he said) and I can hook that to the clackiest 1984 keyboard (made in W. Germany)”
And then I ask the inevitable “But why?” And of course the answer is, “Because I can.”

CNN: Nigella Lawson butters her toast twice, and Britain is really angry about it.

Read this before you over indulge in holiday dinners. :smile:

CNN: Lying down and vomiting between courses: This is how Ancient Romans would feast.

CNN: Couple finds more than 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the walls of their New York home.


Good Stuff! Time to start anew.

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Huh. I just remembered that I used to do the same thing as a child… I got a portable mechanical typewriter (Adler Tippa) that was slightly broken from a classmate’s parent. My “artwork” looked like **** compared to those shown here :laughing: but as a child, I thought it looked great of course :wink:

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Cool! For a moment I thought it might be what happens in real life when you place a pin in google maps…