Game Concept WIP

I created this new topic for sharing my progress with a game concept I am working on. The idea is to have multiple challenges to be completed to beat the game. Considering a base can only have 10 Sphere Creators max, there will likely be 10 challenges total. These challenges can all be done in any order and will eventually all be hooked up to a counter to show progress and allowing to fully reset the game.

I have shared some of the logic involved and how this logic evolved to be able to count the completed challenges in some replies linked below:

I have now finished initial work on the 2nd challenge, The Drawbridge.

More will follow as I continue to come up with new challenges/ideas.

Feel free to discuss and ask questions :wink:


You might want to take a look at Blarg Blarghety’s base in the latest weekly quest system.

Blarg is using the ByteBeat as a programmable controller for an array of garage doors. It seems they don’t just control coloured floor panels.


I saw a video with this base where a ball drops down upon a button press. The ball then ends up behind one of the windows at the bottom. I did not realise that the doors at the bottom were hooked up to the ByteBeat system, but I guess it explains the more or less randomness of the doors and therefor position it ends up in.

Just after the ByteBeat update released and I had been messing with it, I noticed that logic can be easily hooked up. I immediately realised this may have potential as there is a large range of signal speed possible. Not quite sure how much of this potential can be translated to the logic though. Some of the logic requires a full tick pulse to work, while some logic is still stuck with the 1 tick delay.

Roland Oberheim on Twitter had used the ByteBeat as well for the below creation.

I will certainly explore this some more to see what is possible.


Did a quick test using ByteBeat logic instead. Not quite sure yet, but a challenge and fun regardless.


Found out I have a big issue with the floor switches. Somehow their signal state is not properly reset upon a reload. For example: I finish a challenge with the ball on the floor switch, which means the output is triggered (ON state). I then save the game and reload the save. The ball will not be there anymore and it doesn’t really matter where it is anyway, but it is NOT on the floor switch. The floor switch itself does not show ‘green’, which makes perfect sense, because there is nothing on it. However, the signal output is triggered ‘blue’ (ON state), even though it shouldn’t.

It will only fix itself when re-triggered. Problem is that I made it so the player can NOT reach this floor switch to prevent issues. Pushing the button to get the sphere reset to starting position, makes no difference. The floor switch output just remains in a triggered state. This completely messes up my plans, unless I figure out a way to reset its state properly … sigh!


No way to ‘bypass’ the issue, unless manually re-triggering. Even the Proximity Switch has the same issue, so can not be used as an alternative either.

Project on hold until this issue is fixed.


Aww… That’s too bad. You have my sympathy. It must be very frustrating getting so close. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


" Ahhh yes ma’am. We hear of this kind of problem quite often. Have you tried turning it off and then back on again? "


My brother has worked in IT support for many years. He tells of a fault diagnosis often shared between his colleagues.

Amongst communications engineers, the term “RT” is a well-known acronym for “Radio Teletype”. Also well known is the acronym “FM”, which indicates “Frequency Modulation”.

My brother’s investigations of user’s problems often result in the discovery of “RTFM Failure”, which is what he writes on the job sheet. Unfortunately, in this case, “RTFM” does not mean “Radio Teletype Frequency Modulation”.

It is the user who has failed to RTFM - i.e. “Read The F***ing Manual”.


@Polyphemus - I love that “RTFM” was a folder name on an MIT server years ago.
Some claim that it came from an Army term … “Read the field manual,” but I prefer the more direct interpretation. It sort of goes with “The cause of he problem rests between the keyboard and chair.” And yes, I was a IT Helpdesk tech/manager for years. :grinning: