Freighter - Building Layout / Floor Plan(s)

Decided to get creative with Gimp and create a building layout for the freighter. I counted the amount of rooms and made a grid. Then made a couple of other small layers to fit each cell, being the different main building parts. Added some layer groups and guides and voila! I can now easily copy the various building part layers, rotate as needed, and snap them into the grid.

In total there are 14 floors available, which includes the main floor. The total amount of space we have on a freighter is 21*21*14 - 3 (L*W*H - 3 uneditable) = 6171! I included a layer group for the ‘main floor’ to show the few parts we are unable to delete, as well as the bridge. I have only added one ‘other’ full floor as a layer group, which can easily be copied for additional floors.

I might make this a work in progress. Perhaps I could include some of the machines, hydrophonic trays, and possibly other parts. With so much space to work with, it is easy to get lost. I think having the ability to create floor plans like this is very useful. See an example of my current main and #1 floors below.

Downloads (Dropbox):

Let me know what you all think, suggestions, discussion, or share your own?


Awesome! :smiley:

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Following your ideas, you could have levels dedicated to all sorts of uses,like a real long distance deep space vessel would have;
ie; dorms, rec rooms, galley, mess hall, med labs, research laboratories, specialist rooms, weapons training ect. Set it up like a military themed long distance research vessel.
I’m thinking some sc-ifi movie watching is on the cards for some inspiration :movie_camera:
Maybe not Event Horizon though… :grin:


I’m waiting for the mod that spawns random biological horrors on your freighter every now and then…

Thinking of which, that would be another thing for my list of “fun things to happen to frigates”. A frigate picks up some eggs, the crew gets eaten by fiends, and you have to fly out to it and clean up the infestation to reclaim the frigate.
Damn, if only NMS had a scripting API…


@DevilinPixy This is fantastic, I must admit I’m still struggling a bit with Freighter bases, mainly because of the outside space you see when building certain rooms, makes me a bit nervous.

To orient myself easier with how it works, and just to hammer it home how much space we now have, would you possibly be able to knock up what the default freighter base looks like on your grids, pretty please?

This would help me no end as it would show just how much room we have to play with, are the floors above you or below you?

Thank you!


If they were to add a little Scripting like you suggested the game would definitely hit Minecraft popularity levels overnight :slight_smile:

People would be creating their own quests and missions as well with the hopes that other Travelers would be able to actually play their creations if happened upon.


@Mad-Hatter: I am planning to have all sorts of rooms with their own specific purpose. I do however feel that Freighter Base building is way too limited to really make something awesome. We had a lot more freedom back before Next for that matter …

@jedidia: Great idea! Careful where you store those eggs! Might want to rid of them FAST!. Love to see someone create a mod for this. No doubt it can be done, but no, it’s not some simple scripting …

@Oshoryu: I will see if I can find a quick way to access new freighter to check the default layout. Will post a picture of the layout when I do. Freighters are huge though, but I agree it is hard to get a good idea of its actual size from just a floor plan.

All additional 13 floors are above the main floor where the entrance is. You enter at the level of the bridge straight ahead after coming up the stairs from the hangar.

@kpd157: Reminds me a bit of Planet Explorers, where you can create a whole lot in-game and actually use it, although I don’t believe this included missions. However, it was very easy to modify to accomplish this regardless.

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@Oshoryu: Just got myself a freighter in creative mode, to check out the default layout you start with on any new freighter. The default layout exists of 38 rooms and 4 corridors, which can be edited. It also includes several decorative items attached to some of the rooms and quite a few placed in the back area, such as a crate, a couple of barrels, and several canister racks. All of this is on the ‘main floor’, which is the lowest floor, with -as I mentioned before- another 13 more floors possible above it.

Default Starting Layout Freighter


That’s so helpful and puts it into perspective so much better.

When building a storage container on the southern wall you can see out so I thought I’d hit the edge, your graphic shows I actually have 9 squares I can use!

So helpful, thank you so much!


Keep in mind that corridors can not be placed when they lead towards the edge. For example a straight corridor, can not be placed at the last square on the south end if it leads out to ‘space’. A room or storage is fine however, as it has walls where nothing attaches. A command room however always has walls, besides the entrance of course. Most logical of course, but just wanted to throw it out there. I have seen someone using corridors to determine the edges, resulting in an invalid count.

Thanks and you’re welcome. Have fun designing your freighter!

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Had been working on a new layout the last two days. Decided to put this plan to action and just finished up on my freighter. No decoration added just yet and my farm needs a small move. I now have all the main requirements I need on one single floor. Just too bad that storage is all the way in the back corners, as the new update for some reason no longer allows transfer. Additional floor(s) are planned for living quarters and entertainment.

I used the 2nd Large Room (with the support beams) as main hallways, leaving empty space next to them. This, in my opinion, makes it really easy for navigation. The entrances to rooms I then made using Corridors. I can colour the rooms as well as those corridors as I wish, easily recognised from the hallways. I also like how this allowed for an interesting way to access stairs. Makes them distinct and always at the end of the hallways, nicely spread. Really happy with the result so far :slight_smile:


Hey @DevilinPixy, didn’t see that awesome building layout! Very usefull!