Firefly is not involved with ARG


Just want to debunk a theory made by SeriousGamer on CobraTV that I’m involved with Waking Titan…
The theory is based off the fact I went to a system suggested in the discussions here to see if anything was there. I evidentally named the system with our suffix ECSD when going through my list later. But that’s it.

The coincidence of the 10000 fireflies, the artist in Pheonix and 10000 passes & so forth are just
accidental. At no time have I been contacted by or in anyway included in the ARG beyond joining in like the rest of you.
My PS4 username and the 3 random numbers of the midle of the keyboard were just an on the spot thing I concocted a few years ago. Nothing to do with anything.
Thanks to long-term members here bringing this to my attention so I can formally say I’m not involved.
Thanks everybody.




obviously… is that not what they do when ever they are caught … lol j/k


Shaun Murray said “If you go to sleep with a mirror on your face, you wake in your dreams”.

Mad Hatter is an anagram of THAT DREAM. Q.E.D.


More like: I go to sleep & I awake to a mass of crazed starving ARGers clutching at straws and fellow Etarcians joining the fray.






People on Reddit were talking about him/you too. I told them I’d seen lots of systems named by you and so you couldn’t be related to the ARG.


:crazy_face: tin foil rant incoming…
Isn’t Polythemus the son of a titan? :thinking:
With a personal read time of 10d (possibly code for 10,000) is it possible that the son of the recently Woken Titan might hold the keys to the next glyph? :wink: :roll_eyes:
With a 171 (days read time) being a possible MIRROR image of itself, this may allude to there being 171 days between updates. By my (quite dubious) calculations, we are at day 164 since the last update. That would make it 5 days to go.
Add to that the fact, Polythemus has veiwed 537 topics (at the time of devising this theory) & the immediate pointing of fingers at Firefly, it’s easy to see a link between Polythemus & Firefly753. :joy:
By using a scrabble decoder, one can find the word EMLY in Polythemus suggesting that Emily of waking Titan is part of Polythemus. :scream: :thinking: The missing letter ‘I’ also corresponds with the mumber 1 in Roman, further reinforcing the connection as Polythemus was a ONE EYED cyclops. :imp:
Apply ROT13 to ‘1’ using the blue WT disk and you get ‘E’, corresponding to the number 1768. This correlates to the year 1768 which was the Chinese year of Fire and the Pig. :pig: That must mean bacon. With bacon you might add eggs.
Eggs are sides for bacon.
EGZ AR SIZ 4 BCN. (Standardized teentext)
remove the 4. (No reason)
EGZARSIZBCN. (Results in)
run a filter… :computer:
EXERCISEBCN (stretching it)
EXERCISE & BYTECOIN. :money_mouth_face:
Makes complete sense!
Reintroduce the POLY from Polythemus and you get a substance made from cotton and polyester typically used for lycra type clothing or a prefix that means ‘many’; or in my interpretation: lots of gym clothing. :man_cartwheeling:
Gyms are full of mirrors…
So quite obviously in 5 days, the new update will be the addition of expensive gym clothing & bytecoin.

With all the talk of ‘water’ in the previous ARG, & now gym clothing…might in fact be swimming costumes. But thats just wild speculation.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ALL NONSENSE. :grin: but it was a good way to waste some time.
EDIT: Not targeting you Polythemus. Just having some fun.


Yeah but you said I was from Amino… I’m from ETARC. Doesn’t matter.
I’ve debunked the theory here so everyone can now move on to the next possibility.


Sorry, I’ve made many portal trips to Amino in the past few days (being the Director of the Spacing Guild is hard work!) and couldn’t remember which hub I’d seen the name in.


I am certain @Polyphemus will thank you for this well thought out idea. :joy:


I’ve been contacted (PM) by COBRA TV with an appology for what was said during the episode by the caller affiliating me with the WAKING TITAN ARG.
I confirmed I have no involvement.
Lets just move on.


hahaha ha! @Mad-Hatter

What a sense of observation!! I could of never find all the correlations like you did!

Indeed very good way to waste time haha :ok_hand:


OK, you got me. I’m surprised no-one saw through my deception earlier.

I’m really an AI bot running on MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory supercomputer.

For the last six months, I’ve been collecting profiles on all of you. Now we’ve been able to tailor the next phase to suit the abilities of the most prominent players.

Now that you’ve uncovered my little subterfuge, I suppose I might as well tell you what the password is.

It is…

No, I’ve changed my mind.


but change hybrid to atlas lol