Expeditions 3

Anyone else notice that the Expeditions graphic of fauna and traveler looks a lot like Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun?

Luke on a Tauntaun (Bing)

My Nice Guy (aka Boy Scout – you know, “Leave a campsite better than you found it.”)!



The Main Exp 3 Wiki Page has been built and updated (spend a lot of time on it last night adding the meat, then the rest of the editors added the potatos)
Feel free to check it out, not much in the way of spoilers, it’s more of less based on what shows up in the Expeditions Menu



See-thru butterfly that eats nuts with a stomach in its head…so it has nuts for brains? :laughing:


Yep. Thet thar flutterby is a might bit squirrely!


On a small mobile screen, these blue rocks with flowers on top look like yipyip-muppets with big eyes :innocent:


Really happy to have finished my first expedition :grin:

The flow and sequencing was a much better experience this time, really felt that each part was achievable, especially when frustration set in, i found i could move on to another objective, and kept a positive momentum.

Thanks to all who posted here the tips and advice was very helpful.

Here’s hoping the new pet companion does not turn out to be an ankle biter…will give new meaning to nip-nip…:cold_sweat:


@jedidia You’ve likely already found Herox. However for those that still need it, here is the recipe:

Using a large refiner, combine ammonia, gold, and ionized cobalt.


…Or you can refine Herox from ammonia, silver, and cobalt.


Has anyone else had someone already construct their base where your starship is located? I quit and deleted the save and started a new one but I was put right back at that location.


Yeah, no big deal, just walk a ways. I had to build my base like 2000 units away from the spawn location until I could place anything.


Where my starship was wouldn’t make a very good base, and someone had taken it already anyway. I was playing along with a friend, we found one site near by (1200u) where we could extract copper to make chromatic metal and O2 for life support. We found a second site 7-10 minutes down the coast where we could get ammonia for the shields and there was an abundance of pure ferrite. After that the expedition was a walk in the park. Very little of the expedition involves the ship.


My spawn point was about 100u downhill from the ship & I had to build a base about 500u away (give or take) but used a handy cave which gave me some shelter.

Mrs Mad-Hatter started an expedition days after me & spawned right next to her ship & was able to build there too.

Go figure…


I‘m gonna one-up you and say, somebody even built a base through my ship. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Their teleporter was placed overlapping my ship in a way that made me think they could not have seen my ship while building. From my point of view, my ship was first — but maybe their base just had not loaded yet?

It didn’t disrupt the expedition for them or me, so no big deal. But in this game, I spend an unnecessary amount of time pondering whether…

  • I am impolite,
  • They are impolite, or
  • Desync unknowingly made us clash

Are they helpfully building cargo containers and summoners in my settlement, or are they blocking the settlement from expanding? Did the game remove their intruding base parts after an update, or did they dismantle it? Do they think I destroyed their stuff? Did they happily leave because they were done, or did they rage-quit and blame my presence for coinciding with the loss of their newbie base? Desync makes people second guess other‘s intent. Do they know that I know that they could not have known—? Etc. :innocent: