Expeditions 3


Reaping rewards.

I am saddle sore. Never ridden so far on a critter before. Keep having to go further and further afield for resources. My ship has not moved yet. Herox…


That was a fun night of nms.

Apparently lil gifuz is enjoying the attention.


Awwww…can I pet it? :foot: ouch :ear: oh dear :leg: :scream:


Is this expedition dangerous?

I am stuck with the mineral extractor. No idea how to use this thing. The instructions point you to the guide but the guide has no info…


Which one, the freely placeable one or the base part one? The freely placeable one you put on a resource deposit, for the other one you have to scan for a mineral hotspot and make a base there.


So far, I’m finding the fun pretty minimal, and the frustration off the scale.

It told me to use the signal thingy to find a building, which I have to go to. So I did, and it’s two days walk away. TWO DAYS. Having found one building, the signal thingy refuses to find another - it just keeps pointing me back at the first one…


Well, I have actually lifted off the planet. I focused on building the Minotaur and I never thought I would be so glad to finally have it. Once you have it, you can scan for a building with it and mine was only 32 min away which was like 10 min in the mech.
This step is crucial because it gets you the Herox blueprint needed to fix your ship…well, one part of your ship.
As for the mineral extractor, I have it sitting on a hotspot (with the pickax symbol) and I have a storage unit attached. It has power and is working but nothing is happening. Not extracting anything


Wait, you get the Herox automatically when you have the milestone active? I’m on a looong hike scouting for factories, since I need to crack three of them to get at the Herox blueprint. Found two, messed one up, so not that far on that yet. Looking for an outpost to buy a magnetic resonator, found one through the charts I got from another milestone, but it’s 25 hours away, so it’s a nogo. Currently on route to a beacon the signal booster gave me one hour away, in the hopes that it’ll point me to a closer one… I saw that I get a quantum computer as a reward for another milestone, so the Herox and the resonator are the main challenges right now.
Had the good fortune of finding a trade terminal in the wilderness where I traded a bunch of storm crystals for all the batteries and lifesupport gel they had in stock, so on that front I’m pretty well covered for a while. Mostly using a fast animal for travel, not the slow-as-hell minotaur.

All in all I would not consider it challenging (might have been in survival mode), but I am enjoying quite a bit that I have to use my brain and figure out possible solutions to problems for once. I’m not sure how a new player would cope with that, lacking all the knowledge of where and how things can be acquired, though…


This is my destination. It’s the only destination it will give me.

It’s going to be a long walk.


There’s a milestone that will give you three planetary charts that may point you to something closer, but also may not.
But you should build the scanner for the minotaur. You’ll get the gold needed from another milestone.


I have the scanner. It doesn’t show anything interesting. The only buildings it finds are those within visual distance (i.e. I can already see them). It has managed to find a Traveller’s grave at a greater distance (8 minutes away), but nothing else.


Yes. I was sent to a trade platform (station alpha mission)
Finally got the mineral extractor working. Just takes a long time for results.

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Well I got from one end to finished in about 6 hours.

‘Arrived’ in the form of a Korvax just down the hill from my little blue Royal.
Set about stockpiling survival needs first up then began the painful task of establishing my base.
Quickly discovered that every square inch of this awful planet (near to my ship) was already claimed but eventually found a place in a cave on the edge of a lake about 650u away from my broken ship.
Built a bare-bones base using mostly purchased materials after finding a Trading Post some distance away. Grabbing Storm Crystals & zapping small carbon as I ran past paid off.
Was awarded the Minotaur but was given the Pilgrim? which is faster but still just not the machine for this type of terrain.
Lots of opportunist grabbing of more Storm Crystals while hunting for bones & fulfilling milestones helped bolster the necessities & the wallet.
Last fauna gave me the runabout & I didn’t get it until I returned from the neighbouring planet after getting the Royal up and running.
Also lost some progress due to crashes which was a bit frustrating.
Put my 2nd base on the nearby desert moon but couldn’t build the Silo to collect the minerals.
Ran around various NPC bases for a bit trying to get the blueprints but to no avail. (Turned out I needed to warp out of the system so I could access the Anomoly in the next system. Duh!)
Constructed a pile of equipment on a hotspot then warped in and out to trigger the freeby Freighter.
Returned to collect my final milestone then off to the rendezvous & the conclusion.

Found this Expedition quite grindy, mostly due to the waterlogged terrain slowing down the fetching.
After working out which (scanned) plants & rocks gave the best results, staying safe, powered up & progressing was fairly straightforward.
I also referred to the log fairly often to remind myself what milestones I could tick off as I went.
Not sure if it was as fun as previous Expeditions but I’m kind of happy with the ship & freighter I’m starting a new save with so I may actually keep this one & make it a long termer.

Decided to help out those who come behind me by clearing the landscapes & so I deleted my 2 bases upon completion & warped away into cosmos.


Yeah for new players this mode must be tough, for advanced players it’s the perfect challenge. I was coasting through the first chapter because I knew to install technologies and upgrades into my suit and multitool. Advanced players also already know which base parts they want to buy first (cargo containers and electricity).

I would recommend to just turn nomadic (exocraft/pet) and look for buildings myself, can’t trust these dodgy signal scanners. ;-p


Huh… I guess I should work more conciously with the milestones, might make things a lot easier for me.
Then again… do I want them to be easier?? :thinking:

I would kind of like to play this one in survival, to be honest. Strike that, this is the ideal scenario for a permadeath game. Not that I died yet…


To be honest…. I secretly joined Polyphemus’ session… I have no idea what mode I’m in but it feels like Normal mode. :innocent:

Polyphemus, do you see my toon spamming the chat with all this automated nonsense like “discovered a rock”, ”stopped to smell the roses” and “needs uranium to tie own friggin shoelaces?”


Expeditions are always normal mode… Which makes their savegames pretty useless to me once I’m done.


I also deleted my base on the starter planet. Since I was having difficulty with the mineral extractor, I followed the Rendezvous points and found a nearby system with an awesome @SingularGleam type planet. Settled in to complete that mission and the 30 second free fall.
Gek-Sized fun

This is high enough.


so you get an override code…better save before using that…very interesting. Even if it is an Easter Egg / teaser for things to come…Hello Games certainly wants you to know codes exist…