So, we are a few People now gathered around the PC ETARC-Hub. How about an ingame Meeting at the capital?


I’m currently based far away, but I’d portal in to say hi!

I’m at the center in elucid just have to make my way over to the hub maybe try to make it there today

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My Creative PC ETARC Hub base is almost finished. I do use mods so if you want to see all the crops you will need the GrowMoar-For-Atlas-Rising v 1.38. You don’t have to have it, but you can harvest Thamium9, Zinc, Platinum, Antrium, Omegon, Radnox, Rigogen, Aqua Spheres and Vortex Cubes with it. I haven’t attempted a complete harvest of vanilla crops, so I don’t know the $$.

Galactic Address: 051D:0080:01B7:0044 (Portal Number 7)
System: BlackIris Farms ECSD
Race: Korvax
Planet: BlackIris Paradise Farm ECSD
Distance to Portal: Walk 18:20, Exocraft 4:47
Portal Address:

Stop by, enjoy the Farm, grab a room, wander around and please leave a com ball.


I have finally made it. I am at the bottom of the chain looking for a base to claim.
Any suggestions? Should I claim and name one in the chain itself?


This thread by Xion4012 shows the systems of the chain as discovered on PS4. Most (not all) have the same default names with the suffix added. Maybe one of those will suit you. @Polythemus will be able to guide you better on PC
[ETARC HUB]: Star Catalogue

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Yea, I’m on PC normal. I only see a couple systems renamed with the ECSD in the name. Not many on PC normal at all.


My advice is to pick a system that hasn’t been claimed by anybody. Not everybody followed the naming convention.

On PC, we escaped most of the problems that the PS4 people suffered (people coming in solely for the purpose of exploring, and then uploading their finds - leading to most of the systems being claimed by people who had no intention of using them).

By all means look around, but please don’t upload or claim a system you don’t intend to make your base on.

There are systems that have been claimed by people who are not using them. If you’re intending to move into one of those, you need to make double double sure that the person who claimed it doesn’t have a base somewhere in the system. If you build your own base in one of those systems, you’ll destroy the original owner’s base, and the chances are your base will be unstable, too.

Some people have chosen to build their bases in systems slightly away from the main chain, but still within easy travelling distance.

Other than that, welcome!

When you have a base set up, let us know. We’ll come and visit you.


Ok, I’m in the Bezesi Cluster just below the chain, have found a base near a portal, 30 min walking distance. I going with a Amatuer Radio theme for the names, give ya details and screenshots later tomorrow if not today.


Ok not in the Bezesi Cluster. The chain is hardly visible in this shot. And just went with my callsign for my home planet.


Hi there!

As I’m currently on vacation, I’m only occasionally lurking these fora nowadays, which is why you have missed me sooo mucchhhh I’m sure :heart:

Anyways, I thought I’d pay the Etarcians on PC/Normal a little visit, but I’m struggling with finding glyphs to portal in, and a proper guide to be able to use my ship once in the hub. (you know, with a temporary base-claim and so forth).

Do you guys have a system for that? I don’t want to portal in to the capital system and claim a base there just to call in my ships for example. Please advise :slight_smile:
See you soon!


That would be a very bad idea. Claiming a base in the capital system will destroy the capital base.

The way we’ve generally done it in the past is:

  1. One of us who’s already at the hub will scout out an unoccpied system, not actually in the hub, but within one jump, and visible from the hub.

  2. We record the portal address of a non-aggressive planet in that system, and post it for you.

  3. You portal to the planet, claim a base there, then portal back to where you were.

  4. You travel to your local space station, and teleport to your base. That puts you just outside the hub, with access to your ships, freighter and everything else.

  5. You can now explore the hub at your leisure, and claim any unoccupied system you like for your hub base.

  6. If you do claim a system / planet, please re- name them, and include “ECSD” in the title. That way, we know you’re one of us. So, for instance, you might name your home planet “Bcatreks’s Bar and Grill ECSD”.

  7. I believe there are a few planets that are permanently set up to provide temporary bases. The only problem with these is that you have to move out as fast as possible, in case other players need to use one. I think @sheralmyst has more details, but I’m not sure whether hers are on PC or PS4.

If you want me to set up a starter system for you, let me know.


Sure, let me know of a neighbouring system so I can jump over and check you guys out :smiley:

Once I sort out the newish playthrough I’m currently on, I’ll start to settle down, but I wont claim anything in that chain of systems unless being absolutely sure on where etc, so no worries about that :slight_smile:



I gave this one to @kliktrak to use as a jump point. I believe he has moved on since then. PC Normal


Yes. Perfect gateway base to get your ship and then move on to setup a base elsewhere in the ECSD hub chain.

I used it to get to the ECSD hub and once i found my star bulb planet i moved on without building on the gateway planet and claimed and built the base that @kyle-culver visited and posted about.

I have since moved on from that system after the neighbourhood changed…i am no longer in the ECSD hub. So anyone is welcome to build a base and takeover that star bulb planet system in ECSD hub.


Wow thanks for this info! I’ll use the system in your linked post @sheralmyst! (I’m right now ship hunting for my personal armada so I might be a while though)

Just a question: I’m super aware of not ruining things, so if I visit systems in the chain that are not yet discovered, it will show me (bcatrek) as discoverer even if I do not upload the system correct?
Would this bother you until I formally settle on a base?

And also, as a curiosity; how many active players are you on PS4 and on PC? Do you have a spreadsheet or list with names/addresses etc for the hub?


The “You discovered this” message appears to anyone, and every time, when entering a system that is not uploaded. This is not permanent, and anyone else who visits that system gets the same message.

We don’t know all the active members, that’s what the Census was for :grin:


The system will only record you as the discoverer of a system if you upload it, or claim a base on it.

It’s one of the problems we have with hubs. Visitors have to be super careful not to upload anything they find there, unless it’s a system they intend to make their home.

You can visit as many systems as you like. But please don’t upload them. Once systems have been claimed, it becomes very difficult for new settlers to know which systems are occupied.


If NEXT fixes this headache and does nothing else, I will be happy. :blush:


I never thought I’d still learn new things about this game… anyway, I’m off now to find me a nice fighter ship, and then I think I’ll head on over to you guys! Stay tuned :wink: