Echo-64 website and things i'm looking at; bolt_white.svg

sorry everyone about the false info post yesterday. anywho, i’ve been playing around on the echo-64 website and came across this while messing w/possible script urls. This is prob nothing but…

i then downloaded the .svg file and opened it with notepad++ and it contained this info (can’t properly put in the data due to the xml tags it is using since svg = scalable vector graphics. The main thing i was interested in was the long string of numbers behind the path d tag.

    <path d="M18.289,90 C17.141,90 16.06,89.499 15.322,88.626 C14.596,87.768 14.289,86.633 14.478,85.51 L20.186,51.269 L4.556,51.267 C3.106,51.267 1.795,50.468 1.133,49.179 C0.471,47.889 0.581,46.359 1.426,45.179 L32.593,1.549 C34,-0.422 37.133,-0.517 38.676,1.304 C39.402,2.16 39.712,3.296 39.523,4.417 L33.82,38.656 L49.445,38.656 C50.894,38.656 52.204,39.456 52.868,40.744 C53.529,42.031 53.419,43.562 52.578,44.741 L21.408,88.383 C20.673,89.411 19.536,90 18.289,90 L18.289,90 Z M8.012,45.636 L22.285,45.639 C23.417,45.639 24.489,46.134 25.221,46.998 C25.956,47.865 26.268,48.999 26.082,50.12 L21.291,78.858 L45.981,44.284 L31.718,44.284 C30.587,44.284 29.517,43.789 28.782,42.925 C28.05,42.061 27.735,40.924 27.918,39.803 L32.705,11.068 L8.012,45.636 L8.012,45.636 Z" id="Shape" fill="#FFFFFF" sketch:type="MSShapeGroup">

Artifcact from the Wordpress template they used. You can see it in lots of other wordpress sites. e.g.

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i was able to get to this page by using the top numbers (112 97 115 116 101) in the url so for example: gave me that result. p=112 gives me a included.svg file and still references the “About OLD GODS” page that you can’t get to.

p=112 / included.svg
p=97 / set-03-03.svg
p=115 / business-set1-02.svg
p=116 / business-set1-03.svg
p=101 / bolt_white.svg

doh!! sorry about the getting excited and finding nothing. hehe…

This also works with /?p=64 which refers to a “map-marker.png” and other numbers. Must be artifacts, too.

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There’s some good free vector graphics programs, I know you can import svg into Blender for one.

If you don’t already have Blender then, well, I don’t feel bad making you download it, it is SO worth it. I do everything in it to include drafting as I don’t want to buy solidworks or autodesk, but if you don’t know it’s mainly for 3d rendering and animation.

EDIT: say, how did you download the svg? I haven’t done web design for about 15 years.

Blender is mainly focused on 3D modeling. If you want to have a go at creating/editing SVG, I would suggest Inkscape.

Downloading an SVG from a website works the same as getting any other source available. An SVG can also be created within the HTML however, which makes it a bit more complicated to get.

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I’ve used Inkscape. It felt a little limited, but then again I had already gotten used to Blender’s workflow and was comfortable with projections. Orthographic mode in Blender is like Inkscape on steroids:)

You are right though, if the goal is to just convert vector to raster Inkscape is the way to go.

EDIT: OH! damn. What I meant to ask is what was the URL to the svg? I don’t know how Wordpress structures its resources.

SECOND EDIT: also at the time I was working on the svg format as it relates to designing patterns for the Silhouette cutting machine, so pen style wasn’t important, just polar coordinates. I don’t even know if svg allows for different cursor settings. You are definitely right that Inkscape would be a better choice.

I could even download a .zip file at
There is a font sample/ demo in german which translates “Franz hunts in a completely negleted taxi crosswise through bavaria 1234567890”. I may say this ist a quite uncommon sample.
I also get the same file with ?p=90
?p=10 I get kallyas_placeholder.mp4
?p=09 photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464-resized.jpg A link I can’t open
?p=99 I get this Couldn’t enhance it yet


in the search page, right-click on the svg file name and do a save location as. :slight_smile:

Oh hell. I’m so stupid, I was examining every instance of the phrase “bolt_white.svg” EXCEPT the one that was acutally a hyperlink lol.

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While that sounds daunting considering the size of Bayern that sounds to me like a sentence which contains every letter of the alphabet, like “The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.”

Just throwing some info to the group, I tried simulating my GPS coordinates to the R’lyeh coordinates listed as OldGods’ location and visiting but noting about the site seemed to change.

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Easy to enhance by checking the source and change size within the <svg> tag (ie: width=“600px” height=“600px”). Just another stock svg image that comes with the WordPress template used.

Converted from SVG to PNG

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I imagine that’s why they call them scalable vector graphics:)

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Yes indeed and great quality at any size because of it. SVG is great on the web being XML-based, which is also reason why Blender is very limited. A lot is possible with SVG, while Blender can basically only handle the vectors as paths.

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Well, you’re most certainly right. I do some jiggery pokery with 3d printing, so being able to involve a third axis is important to me. Vectors work just as well in 3d as they do in 2d.

I certainly understand why vectors are required for best results. You mentioned the Silhouette cutter before, which has its own app, Silhouette Studio. This app is very similar to, and works well with Adobe Illustrator. Whichever software/app you use depends on the results you need.

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Yes very true! Um, the problem with Silhouette Studio I ran into was that the design interface was too simplistic. Unfortunately the machine doesn’t seem to take g-code natively so I had to use it to drive the steppers. I think I ended up trying to use GIMP, failing, then switching to Blender because the workflow made more sense to me. In the end it was exporting a raster graphic, importing it into Studio, then letting it take over. Worked pretty good in the end. We were cutting masks for a masquerade ball, and needed to roughly model a head to wrap around. Cool project:)

EDIT: Starting from a stock svg of a fancy party mask, I might add. That’s where the “import svg” function came into play

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Ah yes, certainly makes sense. Sounds like a pretty cool project to work on. I love being creative.

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