Echo-64 Phone Password


Has anyone tried to guess the password to the answering machine when calling the Echo-64 Phone number? You can access it by pressing * once the recording starts. So far I have tried all of the numbers mentioned on Emily’s Echo-64 Numbers post. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Here’s my thought: don’t do that! Seems like a really good way to get whoever these guys are angry with us :fearful:


yikes! good call. definetly would not want that.


Where’s the fun in trying to break in :grinning:

It is better to just solve what they give us and not try to brute force anything.


organic flow of events is always a good thing :slight_smile:


Hint hint.


If it is a standard answering machine, they take 2 digit codes for a “Play back messages”. You can always call 10^10 times! -)



why should we not get them angry?! is ISIS involved? Also if we are threatened we can always call the police.


What’s the point, we’ll get what we need out of it naturally, as the project progresses. Additionally, what could we even gain from it? We’ll get everyone else’s voice recordings and nothing else…


that looks like a more reasonable response in great diffrence from “don’t do that! Seems like a really good way to get whoever these guys are angry with us”


I agree with @Matt on this, we won’t gain any useful information from cracking the password, what could be helpful is finding a sequence which could trigger something. This could be working considering a lot in this ARG is speech-based (Radiostations, the echos created by echo-64).


Yeah, it is best to just wait and see if they give us information to solve it, or to just ignore it.