Does it matter if you are closer to the center?

At one point, we were told that the closer you get to the center, the more dangerous things are but the rewards are better. After 1.3, is this still true?

I’ve put in several hundreds of hours in the game but haven’t gone towards the center persistently. I’m about half-way there, however, but I haven’t noticed much of a difference in variety.

Examples of what I mean is:

I’ve seen exotic ships and planets near the outer edges of space but I havent seen very many more now that I am half way to the center.

Would the warp drives, that take you to other star types, be the only factor now?

Additionally, I’ve never seen any exotic multitools myself.


It seems to be the same everywhere.
Like you, I’m at several hundred hours and I’ve crossed the Euclid Galaxy from the black hole ring inwards and outwards for literally hundreds of big warps and have seen little variation other than the typical. It was no different than going from star to star in the same region from what I could tell.
S class goodies pop up very randomly and biome difficulty seems to not alter much.
Others may have a differing opinion…


I’ll be starting a new hub 3K light-years from the center after NEXT releases.


As a dweller in various No Man’s Sky Love hubs, all of which located in the centre of each galaxy, I can very safely say that there is no such difference.

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