Difference between Survival and Permadeath Saves

In my permadeath save I made a home system of a half dozen bases for resources, all farms and mines. I decided Id do a couple decorative bases to finish the system, so fired up another profiles old survival save from the Next era (iirc). But on a farm that does 40 circuit boards in my PD save I only get 24 in survival mode.

I’d always thought permadeath was like survival mode except it was one shot and maybe more severe.
So, just wondering if there is supposed to be a difference between those modes or if its bug due to era :slight_smile:

eg In survival, star bulb 25, in PD 42
Frost crystal 50 , 82.


Wait, it‘s easier to make 40 circuit boards in the harder mode? That does sound odd.
I never survived long enough to build a farm in PD :flushed: so I don’t know whether it was always like that, sorry…


It does seem a bit back to front.


They supposedly changed values with the Beyond update according to the NMS wiki, although I never noticed. Nothing appears to have changed in the REWARDTABLE, where values are still as they used to be. They must have added a multiplier somewhere, which results in base values of 25/50/100, now being 39/78/156 (1.56 multiplier) for ‘normal’ mode. The wiki also states that different modes may have slightly different values.
Source: Gamepedia - Farming :link:

Curious as I am, I checked in-game to check harvest results. On one of my older Normal Mode saves, I still get the 25/50/100 amounts, so no change there.

I then checked a newer (Beyond) Creative Mode save, but still getting the 25/50/100 amounts, so no change there either.

With your amounts in Survival Mode, they show no change from what it used to be either. I have no clue why Permadeath Mode would be any different, but it appears to somewhat match the supposed change with Beyond, although slightly higher.

I have been trying to gather info on this supposed change with Beyond, but have so far only found the change mentioned in a few places. Nowhere can I find anything about it having been reverted again either, which appears to be the case.

Someone tested the amounts in Permadeath and got the following results:

78 - frost
156 - cactus
39 - bulb
78 - solar
78 - fungal
78 - gamma
39 - faecium
39 - mordite

So apparently it has changed for this mode and still valid. If I figure out more about the other modes, I will let you know. It all seems pretty odd to me though. I was never aware of a change in the first place, to now find conflicting info without valid sources to verify.

I did however notice how crop data in the save file has changed ways. Possibly to make it more difficult to alter this data, or for some other reason (performance?). The way timers are saved now is interesting to say the least and took me a bit figuring out.

Instead of saving the ‘Unix/Epoch’ timestamp at placement/harvest and comparing differences, it now saves the current ‘Timestamp’ and uses a large value for the ‘UserData’ field. This value at first sight appears daunting due to its size, but can be stripped down to just a simple short hex value that represents the amount of seconds passed since placement/harvest. Together with the current timestamp, it can then calculate the time left. Manually editing is no longer as easy as it used to be and requires some knowhow :wink:


I finally figured out why amounts have changed!

It is the ‘Optical Drill’ multi tool technology that causes the change in amount from harvesting crops. I just installed it and found that my Frostwort now gives me 75 instead of the 50 I got before. A few less than expected, because I did not put the tech next to the Mining Beam, so I missed out on a small additional bonus. With the tech placed adjacent to the Mining Beam, I now received 78 Frost Crystal.

I feel stupid now for not realising sooner… :woozy_face:


Thanks a bunch for that @DevilinPixy, very informative. I’ll have to check if i have the optical drill unlocked on that game. I guess the little more bit Im getting in permadeath is due to my multitool adjacency bonus or whatnot. (42/82/168)


Yes, it appears that Mining Beam modules further increase the yield. Just added a single S-class module to now yield 81 Frost Crystal. Certainly makes a difference to upgrade, although it now somewhat complicates farming calculations. Just a multiplier though, but still.

I have also figured out how to now calculate the ‘UserData’ field to change the harvest time left :slightly_smiling_face:
Basically every second passed is equal to 4294967296 (dec), which is 100000000 (hex).
If a crop takes an hour to grow, that would be 60 * 60 = 3600 seconds. So if I want my crop to be grown to an hour right after harvest, I just need to multiply:
4294967296 * 3600 = 15461882265600
That is the value I can then use for the ‘UserData’ field to have it grown for an hour. In case of Frostwort, this means it is ready for harvest! This is regardless of the ‘Timestamp’ field, which most likely just makes the actual value even larger.

So at least I learned something new :wink:


Yep I just installed the optical drill in my survival mode game. I’m getting 39/78/156 now.

I’d never have guessed that the optical drill was the solution. I mean the hazmat glove is used to pick farmed plants not the multitool, go figure :upside_down_face:


Ok, I didn’t even know such a thing existed, and I have over 600 hours in the game. dafuq?


One of the multitool extras that arrived with one of the more recent updates.