Did God Of War: Ragnarok Steal the Child of Helios design from No Man's Sky?!

At 2 minutes 32 seconds into the new God of War: Ragnarok trailer, it shows a giant blue jellyfish, just like the Child of Helios that can be seen in the Living Ship quest line and other random space anomaly encounters in No Man’s Sky. Do you think the game makers stole the design idea from NMS, or is the Child of Helios part of some Greek or Norse myth that I’m not aware of? Here’s the video with the part I’m referring to:


Well, Helios is definitely part of Greek mythology. He had 12 children. I am not sure where the jellyfish comes in…I would think that is NMS creativity so, why use a jellyfish in GOW?


It’s entirely possible that the asset is bought from a third party.


Well, a jellyfish is a real creature, so anybody can use the design. The spikey look to the one in the video is different enough that it’s not a legal issue.

Whether NMS inspired their creation is something only they know. Aquariums often shine bluish light in a jellyfish tank, so even the color need not be copied from NMS.

To us No Man’s Sky lovers, a lot of things remind us of the game. Even the Atlas Tire Company makes me chuckle.


I’m not worried about it being a legal issue, I’m just curious if some GOW dev saw an image of the Child of Helios (maybe while searching Greek mythology keywords like Helios for inspiration) and said “Ooooh, that looks really cool, let’s put that in the game!”