Deep Mind's AI "dreams" much like Emily!


Googles various AI have been able to dream for quite some time now, at least 2 years form when I first heard about it, theres even apps online that let you run ai dreams over an existing image using a similar method to googles AI dreaming.

Heres one just as an example

As for googles AI dreaming, heres the first I’d read on it,

Also when reading an old magazine in a friends I came across this twitterbot that makes art every day in a similar process to AI “dreaming” algorithms


If you read the article I linked, it’s talking about something a bit different than the art generating yours refers to, but thank you for another reference.

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I did not know about any of this! I think I might be unsettled…or excited about…I’m not sure, I can’t even tell…yet

In reference to my background profile image, while I wouldn’t call the style of wholly original, I could at least say was all my own work…or was it? Maybe while taking a nap, our deep minds are being infiltrated, to create similar patterns upon waking


(Joking aside, thanks for the links to these fascinating posts, both)


Google scares me. My niece has an ex boyfriend who turned out to be a control freak so she broke up with him. He moved recently and in a phone conversation with a friend, the friend said he was a creep. Then Google sent a message to my neice about him informing her he had moved…this could be a good thing but also way too invasive for my taste as she did not search him online. Google was listening to her conversation?

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Well a lady from my work said she texted a friend, laughing “BWAHAHAHA!” and spell-check changed it to “BAHAMAS!” and her friend thought she was crazy! Yep, technology is pretty scary!


So who’s checking the spell-checker? lol

I worked with the Deep Dream app for a couple of days running about two (?) years ago, using one of my original paintings as the basis. Then I posted the results on line. Most of the comments I got were along the lines of “disturbing…” I must say I agreed with them.

If I can find the time, I’ll dig out the final one and post it here.(Also if I can find it at all --my drives are a mess.)

So yeah, I’m pretty sure EmilLoopy16 was/is/will be based on Deep Dream.


Heres one from my bros wedding using deep dream and a glitcher cos hallucinogenics broooooooooooooooaaaawwwwwoooaaaaharetheeesemyyyahaaaands?

warning: may cause motion sickness/vertigo/epileptic seizures/mass hysteria/moral panics

toddumptious-3175045 (1)


I get motion sick immediately upon viewing that. lol

Oh schnip, sorry man! I dunno if its my imagination but i just see dogs everywhere. Like theres an irish wolfhound on my stomach!

I’d love to see it. Could you perhaps also post an unglitchy version? I’d appreciate it (though I can’t add any more likes for five more hours - lol). My eyes are already glitchy from an rare inherited visual problem.

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Ooh, I actually do!

I’m on the left.


Oh, thank you! Also, I giggled at the new warning on the glitch-pic! -::grinning::-

And yes, now I can see the dogs! Your face has become a really good Wolfman impression.

Are these recent? Mine were always full of Mallard-like ducks. Perhaps Deep Dream has matured/changed perspective a little over time.

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Deep Dream, now with a preference for wolfhounds over mallards, but a constant bias for irish wildlife!

The wedding was march so… I probably made these between april-june of this year?

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Ah, yep. Sounds like a change-over-time. I really should dig out that old painting and run it through a few dozen more iteration in Deep Dream to see if I get Irish Setters this time. :`D

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