Datamining (Maximum Spoilers)

It looks to me like an attempt to create a lot of hype by saying “I don’t want to create any hype” - if you don’t want to talk about it, why are you talking about it?

Similar (not identical) methods were used to generate interest in Waking Titan - cryptic information coming from trusted bloggers.


Reminds me of elementary school where a child gets told a secret and then they go around telling all the other kids that someone told them a secret and doesn’t tell anyone what it is because they like the attention of people asking them what it is. :joy:

And its something dumb like, “Alex has a pen instead of a pencil”


Traitor. The pencil police are coming for you.


Can’t say its a surprise, trying to cause hype, and get people speculating. Though bit shocked he would do this. Its certainly not going to discourage people talking if that was the actual “goal”

Everyone is guessing news at the Apple Event. Most are guessing the VR for Apple will be part of NMS, because of references to things like eye tracking lol. Who knows.

Unless I see leaked images I believe notta.


… Loved Babylon 5!


Really liked Seasons 1-4. Then Marcus…yeah…


So I did a little digging and the source of the leak comes from a discord user in a youtuber’s discord channel under his spoilers section. The name of the youtuber is Oskar1up. Its all entirely in spanish.

Fortunately, I know spanish well enough to hold a conversation but many of the words used are not common spanish words so I had a little trouble understanding. These words are words related to programming. He also talks very fast.

For anyone curious, here’s what I understood. Ofcourse we all know to keep in mind that a leak could be fake, it could also be true but never come to light, etc. but I want to make it clear that my spanish isnt perfect so I may be misunderstanding the guy. If you know spanish, you may want to listen to it yourself.

The discord has a lot to read but the youtuber broke it down in a video and explained that the alleged leaker seems credible because this leaker is a discord user named AyelGoth, also his youtube name, that’s been 100% correct in the past and he is also a dataminer and 3D modeller on his channel that post what he finds there. AyelGoth claims that he stays in contact with other modeler friends and one of them was doing some work with HG for some 3D modelling and managed to get some info. He also claims that some info comes from modders whom HG has been getting direct feedback from and viseversa. So some of what he is saying is considered a “leak” and some of it is the guy putting the puzzle pieces together by combining information from his friend and from the moddera that have been in contact with HG for “feedback”.

Relating to NMS:
-HG is introducing new redistributables(relating to NMS)in C++ version 2022(I dont know what that means?) and HGs focus recently has been on optimising the game tremendously for unknown new features and for optimising procgen and game compatibility across various platforms and thus why we didn’t get an expedition but we will be getting an expedition soon as its being talked about within HG.
-something about new “texture packs” being updated?
-something about 1 new biome related to “corrupted/dissonent planets” again
-something about procgen interiors for the new stations
-HG is “replacing code, textures, models, etc. with what will be considered final versions of these things”(I translated that the best I could)
-Something about the unique way the sentinel ships were made was a variation test for some other things they are going to implement.
-HG has got rid of blender and replaced it with purchased “entire packets” from ZBrush.(not sure what that “packets” means or if that is the correct translation)

Relating to their new IP:
-HG has a dedicated “content editor” for their new IP game now(no idea what the direct translation is. Maybe a content creator? Maybe a level designer? Or from the context, it might mean a graphic designer?)
-HGs new IP is in alpha state and progress on it is happening at a very rapid pace now.

-He then shares his thoughts and says that HG is likely trying to update and modernize NMSs code base so that it can continue receiving future updates for maybe another 4 or 5 years because currently its game engine is old?(not sure I translated that 100% correctly) and then says in a comment on the video that no one rewrites/updates their codebase and replaces gaming assets if they didn’t intend to keep the game going for years to come.

Edit: note that this info came from the discord and youtuber video. If there is any more info, I havent seen anything yet.


yeah. Steam updated redistributable for the program a few days ago. Thought it was odd I had an update, that wasn’t an updated. As mentioned it all sounds guess work to me. I hadn’t heard the bit about Zbrush…not sure why they would make that kind of a change… Most games have content editors and its clear even NMS has one references in code all over the place.

either way it will be interesting to see the next update. still expecting small, with expedition, and 75/25 Mac Support with it.


Well, all of that actually is not surprising as most of us here have long figured NMS is a constant testbed to see what they can pop into the game next and likely also for their future game. They pop it in, debug it, juice it up, debug it, say hey! It’s working! Then move on to the next experiment. It is really one of my favorite things about NMS and is why I don’t complain too much when things break and love reporting the bugs. I want to see HG make it to new levels of success especially if it helps them in their next project.


Exactly. These changes (if true), make a lot more sense if they’re field tests for techniques to be used in the new game.

Probably true - but they might, if the code and assets are being tested for inclusion in a new game.


also if there is a massive performance gain.


Yea. Most of this seems either obvious or isnt really much of a “leak” at all as not much useful or “revealing” information was even said. lol.

Unless I missed something, that was pretty much the gist of it.

Was nice actually putting my spanish to a fun use, though. Anyone need me to translate something else that is found, let me know and ill take a look.


SM is active on twitter. No emoji, yet.


MJS: “We have a story arch for 5 seasons!”
WB: “There’s no way we’re going to greenlight 5 seasons! You can have 4!”
MJS: “Oh well, I guess I’ll scratch the story together a bit, should still work…”
A couple of years later
WB: “Hey, this thing is actually making money! You know what, you can have that 5th season you wanted. In fact, we insist you make it!”
MJS: “Oh crud, now what the hell are we going to fill that season with?”


You mean “JMS”. I read that and thought, oh the same happened to Joe Michael Straczynski, I wonder who jedidia is talking about. :wink: His autobiography is pretty brutal by the way. :persevere:

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Dario Ruiz: … va cagando leches …

That was prolly the most interesting part to me … jajaja :rofl: (Soon :tm:)


Java Message Serivce? No, no, different topic… oh wait. Oh. It’s J. Micheal Straczinsky, not Micheal J. Kind of confusing that, usually peple abbreviate their second name, not the first one…


That’s why I mentioned his biography that I’m reading right now, I found the quote (page 190) :

For the Reader article I’d used J.M. Straczynski, but that felt too anonymous, as though I were still hiding. Joe Straczynski looked lopsided, a whisper of a first name ambushed by a last name big enough to scare a cat, and Joseph Straczynski was hard to say. So I went with J. Michael Straczynski: a single letter, followed by a friendly two-syllable name that would give readers a moment to work up their courage for the final assault on that Mount Everest of a three-syllable last name.


Hahaha I didnt think anyone wanted me to translate THAT part. Lol. but its an expression that I have never heard of. And this is coming from someone who’s family all speak spanish(born in the US, so I picked it up late) and have friends with roots from all over north, central and south america that never used that expression before.

In case anyone isnt sure what that means, its direct translation is “Sh!%ing milk”. Lol. He explained to the viewers that its an expression that just means “going very fast”(when he was talking about the new IP’s progress)but just a very vulgar and exaggerated way to say that.


woke up to pee…and SEAN put out experimental…all new PAK file names…tool kinda broken…but:

New English strings (Not sure yet all…not awake yet)