Datamining (Maximum Spoilers)

So I have a hypothesis…I am playing thru the story on PS5. Apollo. At one point you remind him that he is a robot. He says he is not. He was born flesh and blood just like us but chose to abandon his fleshly carapace for a robotic one so he could take revenge…then he says that is all we need to know… :eyes:
Though I figure the new robot will just be another companion, it would be so much better if we could become robotic…maybe in the appearance mod. Maybe give us a special immunity to sentinels or something. Especially for all those who struggle with sentinel battles


Its cutscenes were absolutely hilarious…

full playlist:


Classic mid 90s VG CG.

Reminded of early Worms cutscenes or a game I played called Feeble, I remember asking my parents to buy it because the box had a sticker that said someone from Red Dwarf played the main character. I was too young to know which character because I wasnt really learning tv actors names at ten years old.

I think the next point and click game I played was Blade Runner a year later so it was a pivotal leap in my gaming life XD


Looks like I might’ve opened a new can of worms lol…
The Mac Update had 5 new unreferenced .WEMs without any Paths or Referenced Names (compiled and converted here: New Audio Files - Google Drive)

Someone turned the files into a spectrogram and it appears to spell out “She Sees Through Their Eyes”. Deliberate tease by HG? Or just another small reference to the long teased Void Mother?


Reminiscent of the Args of old. This is the type of hype that I enjoy.

Because it doesn’t warrant a thread of its own, has anyone found significance with the number nine in all this mining? I have searched 100s of the sentinel camps and the second number for unlocking the terminal has always been 9. It could be a mistake, but the other numbers seem random, just the second one is fixed.

BTW, farming these ships is a good way to make units. I went from 200M to 3.8B in just a couple of weeks.


Those sounds are scary as heck but give me vibes like I got with the derelict freighter update. I love it!


Sounds like my car’s squeeking timing belt in the mornings. :grin:

This is an exciting find! Awesome work finding this! I wish I could do what you do.

Im guessing “their eyes” may be the found humanoid robots. That would make the most sense. But we’ll see.


I like the meta-ness of the Abyss literally “corrupting” the simulation by seeping into the audio files haha, it’s control extends further than just in game


They put that into the game files to find, huh? It’s been a long time since they tried to hype us up in advance. Must be something major.
Sooooo… my guess is, new expedition very soon, major update in august for the aniversary? :person_shrugging:

Also, “She” is obviously the void mother, “they”… I can’t tell if it’s the korvax or the sentinels. In the sentinels we’re seeing corruption, but not in the Korvax, so the Sentinels might make more sense…


The Seperate Terminal

The Corrupted Sentinel Glow inside

Hidden inside the new “Korvax Monolith” scene

Some more Crucible datamining.

I think I found what those corrupted portal references are.

The new Korvax Monolith model has another new model (korvax_terminal) referenced, which is just the portal terminal with the corrupt sentinel glow.

Its supposed to have all the same animations n states but the physics for it dont work rn.
Theres a unique interaction for it too, but since the actual data for it doesn’t exist rn, it doesnt “trigger”.
Apparently though the portal-esque terminal has the same glyph charging bit from the harmonic camps, after which it’d trigger the actual interaction.
Also the interaction is called “MonolithNub” lol. Nub…

Also, this structure shows up a few times inside the missions for the Crucible expedition.


From the Artemis storyline


someone has been busy lol, nice finds


“She sees through their eyes” would almost definitely refer to Telemon, the entity supposedly living inside our suit, unless it refers to the Abyss seeing through Sentinel eyes


I really don’t think so. First, Telamon is a they/them, as everybody else in NMS. Second, a Telamon in architecture is explicitly a male figure, so suddenly applying a female pronoun to them would be somewhat perplexing.
Whoever this character is, she seems the first being in the NMS universe with the priviledge of flaunting gendered pronouns. As such, I think it pretty much has to be the void mother.
As mentioned, I’m still on the fence whether “their eyes” are the eyes of the Korvax (quite possible as the void mother is effectively a prior convergence), or the sentinels (Also likely due to sentinel corruption ramping up, and largely being attributed to her).


While there are not a lot of direct references to gender in game. There are 16 sex defined. Non Are They/Them… that’s a more recent political / social whatever construct. And I am sure there are 16 to fall into that hole 16 of everything NMS is fond of.

SEX1 Male
SEX2 Female
SEX3 Exotic
SEX4 Unknown
SEX5 Indeterminate
SEX6 Asymmetric
SEX7 Non-uniform
SEX8 Symmetric
SEX9 Rational
SEX10 Vectorized
SEX11 Prime
SEX12 Alpha
SEX13 Radical
SEX14 Asymptotic
SEX15 Orthogonal
SEX16 None


Ahhh, so that’s what they did to the Solar Helmet … lol. Explains how I am still wearing mine :roll_eyes:

(Really looking forward to the upcoming expedition :crystal_ball:)


It does appear the next Expedition, will build upon corruption more, which I cannot wait for.

Not many strings were added, but these make a lot more sense now:

Discordant Interface

Allow Atlantideum to flow through the glyphs


Those are for creatures. We’re not quite sure what sexes the Gek have exactly, but for the Vy’Keen we know that they have a traditional binary setup (whether that’s exactly male and female is another question, but then, everything in NMS seems to lay eggs anyways :person_shrugging: ), and for the Korvax it’s obvious that Sex is a non-issue.

You’re too trigger happy on this one, I think. They/Them is the common grammatical form in english if gender is unspecified or unknown. If you read NMS dialog and flavour text, you’ll see that everybody is referred to as they/them. There’s nothing political about it (in this case, anyways). It just means that it’s essentially irrelevant.


The Dialog tends to be gender neutral yes. But no character is defined explicitly that way. The only explicit SEX that exist in game are those I gave. Having a Mother figure isn’t " flaunting gendered pronouns", as you put it, its just one situations where sex is being explicitly implied., as clearly Male/Female exist in this universe (animal or otherwise)

Regardless. I just prefer social commentary / politics kept out of game discussion myself.


So that went around the block and back. :grin:
I have to agree, since it states she, the most logical conclusion is Void Mother. She has been watching us all along. The question is, through whom?