Crash issues


As much as I love this game and the community the game has unfortunately now become unplayable for me.

The game crashes every time I visit a base or someone visits mine. I get the PS4 error code CE-34878-0. I’ve checked online and I have the latest system and game update. I’m playing on a PS4 Pro and I’ve turned off boost mode and the HD settings.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this as I used to enjoy this game but it’s now just frustrating.

Thanks in advance.


I’d suggest relocating:
Out of interest; do you have a comm or a monument close together near your base and also is your base a high complexity base or possibly over 100% complexity with a race initiator?
All these things have caused issues for some people.(including me)
My crash solution is to load up offline and completely relocate somewhere else before going back online. Maybe even a couple of moves to clear the memory.


Is your frame rate locked or unlocked?


Does that actually effect anything? I only play with it unlocked!


Me, moving base again, what a surprise! :rofl:

My base is at about 96% and I think all the comm-balls are outside of the base area.

The main problem I have is when I visit someone elses base. My game crashes every time I arrive at the base.


I’m not sure, how do I change that?


Marky go into the setting by pressing opitions you will find it there hope this helps you


Yes, my game always crashes at bases if I unlock the framerate. Try playing with it locked.

@Marky Go to Options > General Settings > Frame Rate Lock


Excellent, I’ll give that a try later.


@gammawolf @MacForADay That has worked perfectly, thank you so much :grin:


happy to hear that sorted it out for you :sunglasses:


I was crashing a lot when visiting people’s bases when I had a varying signal strength on my wifi. The internet speed was good, just not my connection strength. Are you wireless or wired. I use a ps4 slim and the frame rate lock for me is good, off is nice when standing still.


I have a wired connection to my ps4 as hear that wifi is not good for playing games online unless you are near the ips you are with


I think wired is the best way as @gammawolf !
Never had major crashes playing nms.
Something just hapened once when I got out my ship… falling into the planet… but nothing ever since…