Crafting recipes sharing (with spoiler alert)

So. Now that some of crafting recipes have changed, it should be good to know all of them with product values, meanwhile using spoiler alerts.

For instance, so far I have:

Glass 250 Frost Crystals (old Coryzagen) 47 856
Acid 25 Mordite + 600 Fungal Mould (old Temerium) 287 136
Lubricant 50 Coprite + 400 Gamma roots (old Candensium) 160 000
Weatherproof rubber (old copper wire) 50 Kelp Sacs (old Rigogen) 1 547
Living glass 1 glass + 1 lubricant 693 912
Unstable gel 200 cactus flesh 80 000
Photovoltaic cell 50 Marrow bulbs (old Antrium) 1 547
Liquid explosive1 acid +unstable gel 1 000 000
Heat capacitor 100 froast crystals + 200 solanium 239 280
Circuit board 1 heat capacitor + polyfibre 1 296 250
Polyfibre 100 cactus flesh + 200 starbulb 200 000
Dirty bronze 125 Copper + 125 Iron (old …) 25 000
Magno-gold 125 gold + 125 iron 25 000
Herox 125 nickel + 125 heridium 25 000
Aronium 125 iridium+ 125 carbon 25 000
Lemmium 125 aluminium + 125 carbon 25 000
Grantine 125 emeril+ 125 heridium 25 000
Geodesite Dirty bronze + Herox + Lemmium (old Terumin)150 000
Captured nanode 200 iridium
Englobed shade 1 captured nanode+ 200 copper
Noospheric orb1 englobed shade +200 Nickel
Dark matter1 noospheric orb +200 Aluminium
Dawn’s end 1 dark matter +200 gold
Photic jade 1 dawn’s end +200emeril
State phasure 1 photic jade + 200 Cymatigen
Novae reclaiment 1 state phasure +200 rubeum
Modified quanta 1 movie reclaiment + 200 viridium
Heart of sun 1 modified quanta + 200 nanites


Thanks. I’ve bookmarked this thread for future reference.

I cannot seem to find the blueprints for organic catalyst, enriched carbon, ammonium salt and a few others that seem to be related to crafting with the new mine-able gases.

I assume that these blueprints show up in manufacturing facilities or operation centers, but I have not been able to find them after several dozen tries. Has anyone else found these blueprints?

I have found the one for enriched carbon just recently, the best way I’ve found to get blue prints (which may be cheating a bit) is to talk to npc’s whenever possible on and of planets and ask for directions, which you may already know, but when you do find manufacturing facilities save your game just before you go in, then try all the option, reload your save so you know what each one gives you. Sometimes two different blueprints can be gained depending on the option you choose, you can only walk away with one tho, in this instance the top option gave me enriched carbon and the facility alarm was still going, the middle one gave me nothing and the alarm was still going, the bottom one gave me magno-gold but the alarm stopped, so just went with the one I didn’t have. It can be a bit of a grind and some facility’s may only give a blueprint for a carite sheet or something low level, I’ve even only been able to get units or clusters from some manufacturing facilities. I’ve yet to see an operations centre since v1.3 would be interested to know if anyone else has come across one? Sometimes I don’t get any new places of interest from the npc’s, not sure if this is because I have too many waypoints active or if it’s a bug.

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When do you get the Atlas Pass?
Back in the early NMS versions it took forever to get an Atlas Pass (I never got a level 2 one ever but luckily a level 3 sorted that!)
This time around I’m learning all sorts of tech and finding glyphs but I am still yet to get a basic level 1 Atlas Pass so I can open drums and base doors ??? Is it quest triggered or luck?

Yeah, this list will need updating, but thanks. If it’s not too much to ask, could you mark which ones are new to 1.3?

I would love to know this too. Last I checked, Polo gave them out. Anybody?

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Overview of all stuff and even in your own language


If I remember correctly I’m sure polo gives them altho back then it took me a while to get them

Thank you for the excellent link. The only thing it is missing is how to best obtain those items, blueprints and technologies.

There were several techs blacked-out in the game menu that I was curious about. This list describes those and more. These included the ATV Tune and Photon Cannon techs, and the BLD_PRT_FOUNDATION_L blueprints.

There is also a section in technologies between the Pulse Spitter techs and Portal Glyphs that are not indicated on my game at all that seem to be for base systems.

Does anyone have any experience or insight with any of these?

V1 should be from polo . I think it’s probably the same.

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I got the v1 from Polo, but not the rest. Pre-1.3, Polo gave out important blueprints like hyperdrive upgrades. Now he’s giving me trivial multi-tool upgrades. But I suppose I might be getting worried for nothing.

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