Companion Trust Percentage

With the new expedition, it has become important to increase your companion trust percentage.

After many attempts to get my first pet from 95% to the full 100%, I am left at an impasse. How does someone raise the percentage level? I have been using the pet at all opportunities, petting it, feeding it and riding it around it (in and out of combat.) The 95% will not budge. Has anyone else been able to get 100% trust? If so…who did you do it?


I think that it went to 100% after the second egg.



To clarify, do you mean 100% with the original parent after giving a second egg or the grandchild from the second egg?

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On the first day when I started the expedition, the big green guy was present as my pet and trust was at 95%, I think. It might have been The Next Generation that required a pet to produce an egg. At that point I started bringing it out, petting and feeding it. Keep everything green. I got it to produce an egg that day or the next. Then Enduring Friendship seemed doable so I brought it out periodically and kept the circles green. Continued to do that today. Received a notification that an egg was available. Got the egg and got the notification at the same time that the Enduring Friendship rewards were available.

So, two eggs from the same parent. But I suppose that it could also have been that enough time had gone by to increase the trust to 100%.


I got mine to 100% with the first egg but you must wait 24 hours for that first egg. When I induced the egg, I got both badges. So it may take a day before it can be reached.


I think this is how you do it:


I love the BBC :rofl:


To 100% a companion, you have to marry it and get rid of other companions to show your loyalty to it. Dont get near other companions either or trust drops. :joy:

Jokes aside, I believe its just a timer? I read online that after a full 24hrs it goes up 5% as long as you at least interact with it in some way. Your starter companion starts out with 95% so if you still have it you can get that award by the next day. If not, other adopted companions will be around 60% so it may be awhile.