Coincidences that couldn't be 'mere coincidence'

Starting another thread for us to converse about things we’ve experienced that at first glance may seem like a coincidence. Until you factor in the high probability that it couldn’t have been a coincidence.

Here’s a few of mine:

***. I have two crystal candleholders. They’re pewter cherubs on a square marble base, holding up a large round crystal candle holder.
I’ve had them for many years.
I moved out of state a few years ago, and started an outdoor reading garden.
I thought they looked good in the garden, so they got put outside.

It came a bad freeze and I had forgotten to bring them in and one of the crystal tops had filled with water and busted.

The following Spring, I went with a friend to a thrift store.
And there on one of the shelves was another just like the two I have. The exact same.
I quickly purchased it and added it with the others.

***. A friend and I were watching a movie on tv one night. And we were enjoying it immensely, even if it was a bit cheesy.
At one point one of the characters said something, I forget what and it was followed by me and my friend both exclaiming “What does that mean?” in unison with a woman on the screen who it had cut to suddenly.
We got a big kick out of it.

***. I had a friend who was living in an apartment. It was one of those old houses where they got sectioned off into different apartments.
Years later, I was hanging out with someone random and we had to go to their house for something. And it was the same apartment that my friend lived in years earlier. I amazed the person I was with because I knew my way around the apartment.

***. One of my dearest high school friends and I were avid comic book readers. And we both lived near the same convenience store. He told me once that he had bought a comic and was walking home and dropped it and never found it.
I surprised him by giving him the comic I had found on the road years before we met, which was the one he had lost.

***. I was driving down a country road and got pulled over by a cop.
He came up to me and asked if I knew my friend, who he called by name.
I said I did.
He went back to his patrol car and came back to give me my friend’s wallet that he had in the car with him. My friend had lost the wallet weeks earlier.
How it ended up with that cop at that time is still a mystery.

The youtuber Thoughty 2 did a very good video about coincidences. Here is one anecdote he used to explain them:

There are many stories of people losing a piece of jewelry, only to later find it in the belly of a fish they caught.

This might seem like an impossible coincidence, but if you think about how hundereds of thousands of fish are caught every day, and all the days of the 5000+ years of human history, the chances of this unlikely event occuring is actually 100%.

This goes along with the Law of Truly Large Numbers which Thoughty explains in the video. Here is the video: