Real life glitches

Okay so, this is a bit out there… I have experienced odd, mysterious moments before or unexplainable things but, today I experienced a particularly odd thing. Here is a little back story. I had some nice glasses for whiskey 6 to be exact. A while back I remember very clearly 1 breaking while drying after being washed. This is a very distinct memory because I cut my hand trying to catch said glass as it broke and still have the scar to show for it. I also had family over that witnessed this. Fast forward to today, I am putting the dishes away and there is suddenly a 6th glass after months of only 5. I confirmed with family and guests there was only 5 yet today Very clearly the set is as it was originally. My mind is absolutely blown, I wish I was making this up. Has anyone ever experienced something like this?


Ok. I started a thread about this a while back. It is the ARG. It is creeping over into our real lives. :smile: Seriously, perhaps someone replaced it and didn’t tell you. ? I have had weird things happen too but I believe the ARG has caused my mind to be more susceptible to its naturally wild and over-imaginative nature. :scream:


Haha I thought I may have seen something related but couldn’t immediately find it. I am thoroughly investigating I’ve called and texted everyone who has ever come over, no ones replaced it as the glass comes in a set and neither my girlfriend or I have replaced it. I also had 3 people witness it breaking and injuring myself, this was about 4 months ago. My minds trying to explain it away but having multiple people corroborate my memories is just bizarre We cannot come up with an answer of how it’s a full set again.


Well, if you were washing it then likely you had been drinking out of it…are you sure it was the whiskey glass that broke? If so, then maybe you just found proof that we are indeed living in a simulation. :sunglasses: :wink:


You know perhaps this is proof lol. A little more back story, since the old glass broke I have been keen on leaving none in the sink or out to dry, I clean them and return to my cabinet where I always lined them up, it was constantly an eye sore to not have the sixth glass because it was uneven and I would stack the 5th on top to satisfy my need for symmetry. As I am putting them away today is when I noticed there was 6 but I and everyone I have spoken to specifically remembers only 5. If I had not witnessed the change and had not been home the past 3 days, I would say someone replaced it. My sanity is being tested! :sweat_smile::thinking::exploding_head:


Something has changed in the matrix


SCP’s! Or… something…

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You probably found a door to…

The world of glass !


What do they see? Are the Travelers there? Tell Apollo “Hi!”


I’ll see what I can do! I should have known! …kztzzz…