Camera Rocking


Has anyone else noticed an issue with the camera in 3rd person since Visions? I find my camera often rocking toward and away from me. Irritating when trying to place building parts.


I’ve had that since NEXT was released.

Camera Rocks in third person when colliding with with other geometry nearby, like other base parts or trees. It just rocks back and forth.


I have observed the same phenomenon.


Yes. Its like the camera cant decide where to position itself near solid objects.


Yes, same same. It usually only does it when i’m inside my base but yes, very annoying.


I had a small base once, only about 4x blocks, and when I was inside the camera would move back and forth, like it was doing a little dance.

Solution: delete the base!


I’ve had the same thing with the camera rocking. It’s weird and glitchy.


Have had the issue with camera rocking but I have definitely noticed something else seems different to the overall third person camera behaviour since Visions, felt a lot more unruly than the last time i remember using it.


Yes. Mine makes me sea sick…:nauseated_face: I have been trying to build in a cave over water and the camera never stops rockin’…


I have had this issue since NEXT. It makes it hard to stand near my refiners and use them. I feel like I need to grow my sea legs. :crazy_face::face_vomiting:


If the camera’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin! Sorry! :cheese: