Calibration - 01 Google Drive

Typing the command “calibration” now reveals the following message:

calibration not yet complete
01 Ongoing:

The url redirects to which is owned by an atlas-65 Help Desk account.


setup about 4 hours ago too

I guess our uploaded photos of “public resonant percussion instruments” will show up there later for everyone to browse through them.

I presume they have to manually moderate the uploads, just in case someone decides to troll us by uploading goatse :slight_smile: So it might take a little while.

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Output for the command has been updated with more information. The folder is still empty.

calibration not yet complete
Process State: Healthy
Total Submissions: 7 412 pictures
Unique Locations: 1 763 cities
Calibration > 10%: 55 cities
01 Ongoing:

Fellow Scientists, I have stumbled into OLD NEWS at the wakingtitan site, and in the shared drive. Go see. Though I assume you have already… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the character model

What does this say please? Oriental peeps?

Meaning of character

Meng, It means Dream in Chinese.

For answer refer to Phase 2 topic 2

cheers, more dream stuff, curiouser and curiouser!