Better prediction algorithm in loop16 = no popping up/smooth generation of objects in next version?

I wonder, if ‘event prediction’, mentioned in the last live drop, has something to do with generating objects on a planet in the current version of NMS. And have HG optimized code in a way, we now may run and still will not see objects popping up in a next version of NMS…?


Within the narrative it’s more about predicting future events, but theres a few meta references to improvements in the game sewn throughout the narrative, you may very well be right with this one :slight_smile: I’m not seeing them fixing the “fade in” as sean calls it, it seems something inherent with the fact nothing is on disc and every model is being prod genned from super shapes and sine waves etc, but would be a nice little fix and a genius one at that if they figured it out.

I have wondered if the fade in could be improved on and your right @toddumptious it is to do with the progen process. There is a video where SM shows it working, I’ll try and dig it out and post it here, you may even know the one I mean.

He starts talking about it 7m 40s in, fasinating stuff!!

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There is an interesting theory part in BicycleWalrus (DM21) 's latest video ( around 8.10-ish) on what could Loop15 and Loop16 simulation could be (i.e. vs build versions).


Sorry in a previous message I though it was CobraTV’s, but I got mixed up as I follow both).

Although I am ready to take anything that come in 1.3, I still hope they found a way to let us keep our saved games so we don’t have to start from scratch.

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There is room for improvement…

If you take all as hints…
We would be getting, Better generation algorithms, better terrain, multiplayer, lore, new races, floating exocrafts, huge creatures, small creatures, Pets, portals, navigation system and a solution to the Palestinian/Israelí conflict…
We really don’t know how much is set-dressing by the puppet-masters, and how much was the promotion handed by Mercury for them to work with…

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