Base Computer - Ship landing spot issue

My landing spot for ships at my base when teleporting there has always been in the water, without any real issue. My fighter was just submerged a bit and always in the same spot. See image here. No terrain was damaged because of it, just on top the sea floor. Now I have a couple more ships, including a hauler. This time I teleported to my base while my hauler was the current ship. The below images show the result of how I found it.

The landing spot is a bit further away at the shore. It created a huge hole in the sea bed to land my hauler in, with the cockpit competely buried. Getting in and out of my ship, leaves me stuck under water as well, with no way to get out besides getting back into the ship. Taking off then works fine.

Main issue here however is the fact that this hole was never there. There were no holes like this at the shoreline near my base. Teleporting to my base with the hauler has specifically created this hole to land my ship in. When this happened, I realised similar has happened before. Due to my player spawning weird, all shaking to be thrown out into the ocean somewhere quite a distance from my Base Computer, I never paid attention to where my ship ended up. My fighter had always been fine, but I have now found several holes in the sea bed. None of them were there before, all likely created for spawning my other ships.

Another hole, although hard to see in this image.

I have now counted like 4 holes, all created to spawn my ship(s). They look like a massive crash into the ocean bed and were never there before. It is messing up my ocean floor and shoreline. Hope HG can fix this.

I suggest HG allows us to craft the homing beacon available at several planetary buildings. They are specifically meant for our ships to land at, while not attracting AI ships. Please please please let us be able to build one of those for our ships to land on as a default after a teleport. Yes, I realise taking off from a spot like that does not require fuel, but building one could come with an appropriate cost? It would save us from the random spots we end up in, allowing us to dedicate a spot instead. Our own personal landing zone!


…or at least allow our ships to land on our own landing pads when teleporting in.


That would be a good alternative, I agree, even though it then prevents AI ships to land. This is another thing I hope they will fix, as having multiple landing pads doesn’t allow AI to land when you occupy one of them. For some reason they always want ‘your’ spot. Only if you take off and land again, will the AI land, once. An issue that has been around since these pads were introduced. This is why I mentioned the homing beacon as an option, to make fixing multiple issues even easier, … I think :wink:

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I’ve always made a point of checking my ships spawn point when teleporting at any new base & then building the rest of my base accordingly. Admittedly, on rare occasions my ship would still spawn in a different spot but I soon knew the likely locations.
I have not yet worked out a reason for why ships spawn in particular spots in NEXT. It seems somewhat random but specific in that each ship has a particular spot at each base.
I’m confused as to why in your case there is terrain disruption when normally ships just poke into the ground. Something to do with landing in water maybe? None of my bases are near water so I can’t give a personal experience.

I do have one deep in a cave and I’m pretty sure my ship spawns almost directly above my base computer.

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I assume a spot is picked closest to the Base Computer with some rules in place to decide where the ship goes. I am not sure on the exact ‘rules’, but in my case it does get messed up a bit. I decided to place my Base Computer out of the way, as I did not want it to interfere with what I planned to build. I guess the spot I chose, may not have been the best choice after all :wink:

Ahhh yess. Well that might explain things a bit. :grin:

On PS4 you teleport in and land on top of your base computer?..I always place my base computer and teleporter right up against each other now, as it just seems weird teleporting in but appearing nowhere near my teleporter machine.
Like I mentioned previously, I tend to test the spawn points as odd things can and do happen.
Remember in early Foundations when your ship could spawn under an overhanging base structure leading to a near death experience if you tried to launch? I learned to check spawn points after that.

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The game indeed attempts to spawn you on top of the Base Computer after teleporting. However, when building a base, you are forced to first place the Base Computer, to then build the base, which makes some sense. This does however result in not easily being able to get the base computer inside your base, which I prefer. I also prefer the teleporter to be inside, which is easy. Using the teleporter to go to another base, will however not spawn you at the teleporter, which doesn’t quite make sense. Instead it always spawns you at the computer. Makes me wonder why those warnings are even in the game, to ensure you have a teleporter setup, as it is not even required.

Anyways, my choice of location for the computer was not great in hind sight. All used to work fine though, fighter spawning next to it, only a bit submerged, with me on top the computer. This changed since 1.55, where it now has trouble spawning me on that same computer. It starts shaking the screen to then thrown me off in the water quite some distance from the computer. I always end up having to swim back to shore. Now with the additional ships, I noticed this issue for ship spawning, while my fighter is still fine, … I think.

I find it funny though, no biggie, but it is still an issue I like HG to be aware of.

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Well, this time my hauler spawned ok, without creating a new hole, barely missing it’s previous spot. I still had to swim back to shore from a new random ocean location though.


Yeah… After placed my restored my Legacy base I discovered (while cowardly escaping sentinels) that you don’t need the teleporter to arrive at a base…only to depart.
I have since added a teleporter to that base so I can leave again but I find it a bit silly.
The arrival should work like in a space station…in front of a teleporter.
I also think you should be able to build under the base computer so it can be included in the structures (or at least give it its own little house). Doesn’t make sense having the main computer sitting out in the weather :thinking: