Landing My Ship

Me - Ok, ship, land here

Ship - I don’t want to land here. I want to land over there.

Me - It’s hundreds of yards from where I want to be. Just land where I tell you.

Ship - I like it better over there.

Me - I don’t care what you like. You’re a ship. A machine. Just do what I tell you.

Ship - Oh dear. We’ve overshot it now. Shall I land somewhere else?

Me - No, we’ll turn round, go back, and land where I told you.

Ship - Maybe we could go somewhere else? I know a nice trading post.

Me - NO. I want to land HERE.

Ship - Temper, temper. Try asking nicely.

Me - OK. Please, pretty please, would you be so kind as to land just there?

Ship - Oh, all right. Ooops. Landing Area Not Clear.

Me - It’s a flat empty field. There’s nothing there. What do you mean “not clear”?

Ship - It’s not clear of places I don’t want to land.

Me - Just land, will you?

Ship - OK.

Me - We’re a thousand yards away from where I told you to land. And you’ve landed us on top of a very tall tree.

Ship - That’s AI humour for you.

Me - If I get out here, the fall will break my legs. I’m going to take off again.

Ship - Suit yourself. You’re paying for the fuel.

Me - Ok. Here’s where I want to land. Flat, empty, no obstructions.

Ship - Landing Area Not Clear.


That and then it does 87 barrel rolls, a backflip and then pulls a tango before it lands.


Yeah, try hitting the landing button while upside down. I do that just for fun. At least our ships can’t get stuck up in trees anymore, as easily.


What’s also fun is when you’re trying to summon your ship (after being attacked by biological horrors,) setting the placement hologram on a perfectly flat piece of ground, and watching said ship performing an impromptu airshow (while being torn apart by biological horrors)

Ship: Landing Area Not Clear
Me: I am running from violent wildlife on a completely flat field! What do you mean not clear?
Ship: …

At least I got an airshow out of it… :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2::sob:


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I used to do this all the time, I learned the perfect mental trick to flying upside down.

Tell your brain it’s the roof of a cave and suddenly flying upside down close t the ground becomes very very easy.

Soon as you remember you’re upside down and that’s the ground, it all goes out the window.

Landing upside down is always funny, I think new low flight in NEXT has made it even funnier for me, especially in third person :joy:



I used to have these problems aswell with my old 1.38 ship called TRV01!